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Everything said about Moon and Neptune fit me. Western junk foods cropped up everywhere as did Gyms and Health Clubs. My key ingredient, glucomannan, is clinically proven to help you lose weight via appetite suppression. Its inspiring tht u hve put in about yourself. Betty G — 17th March

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My awesome tablets can prevent snacking and encourage you to take control of your portion sizes. Did you know that dinner and subsequently any snacks after that are meant to be your smallest meals of the day? Your body doesn't have time to burn off what you've consumed in the evening before you go to bed so it's best not too eat too much in the evening.

I am the perfect solution. I'm low in calories yet surprisingly filling meaning I'm ideal as a dinner replacement or a late-night snack, instead of a naughty hot chocolate. I come in chocolate flavour too, so you don't have to miss out on a chocolatey treat. I'm totally guilt-free yet still delicious! I'm Suitable for vegetarians and diabetics, Gluten-free and also vegan-friendly if you choose the Rice and Pea Sculpting Protein.

See my back label for my serving size per day. Take me at whatever time of the day suits you. I can be taken as a meal replacement or a snack replacement. The easiest way to take me is to mix me with ml of milk, water or a milk substitute in your Nutribuddy shaker and shake to your satisfaction! Alternatively, you can make a really exciting smoothie with me. There are lots of great smoothie recipes included in our Recipe Book. Some adventurous folk may decide to make breakfast or a dessert with me!

Again, we have many recipes in our Recipe Book to accommodate for this. Take 1 of my tablets with full glasses of water the water is extremely important 15 mins - 1 hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner 3 tablets per day.

If your cheeky hunger cravings are really stubborn, you can increase the dosage to 2 tablets before each meal with full glasses of water 6 tablets per day. Do not exceed 6 tablets per day! Take 5g half a Nutribuddy scoop of me and add me to your Nutribuddy mug. Add a scoop of cold milk or a vegan milk substitute to your mug and stir until you have a smooth paste. Put your mug in the microwave without the lid on.

Microwave for no more than 1 and a half minutes then stir again. Do not overheat the glass mug. Add a scoop of cold milk to your mug and stir into a smooth paste. Heat up the milk in a pan on the hob until it is warm but not too hot. Do not overheat the milk. Add your warm milk to your mug and stir thoroughly. By default, your Nutribuddy purchase is a single, one-off payment. We understand it can be frustrating and time-consuming ordering your next batch of Nutribuddy products as your current batch ends.

It can be stressful timing the arrival of your new batch with the ending of your current batch. That's why we have come up with our subscribe and save option! You can customise each of your kits to determine what flavour Sculpting Whey you get, the colour of your shaker bottles and also how frequently you wish to receive your kits. Payment for each of the kits will be made just before each kit is shipped out to you.

So, payment for your first kit will be taken immediately. Then, payment for your second kit will be taken just before it is shipped out to you. The same goes for any additional kits. The subscription only lasts for the number of kits you have chosen, so once you have received your final kit, no further payments will be made and no further kits will be shipped out to you, unless you renew your subscription.

More information can be found in our terms and conditions. Nussrat Jabeen — 10th June Sarah — 8th April I have been using these products for 4 days now. Catherine Scobbie — 1st March I have been using this for 4 days and feel amazing! Not hungry or tired like I have been on other products. The Diet is easy to follow and quick to make the meals. Just ordering my 2nd pack! Alex E — 23rd February My sister was using this before me.

Sophie — 2nd February Recently ordered the weight loss kit. On my 2nd day and enjoying it. Though ive been putting 10g of hot slim in my mug. Deffo prefer the sculpting whey with milk though!! Just had my first Nutribuddy breakfast and its so delicious. Cannot wait to start seeing results. Amy — 19th January Results are amazing, I feel like they have helped my portion sizes aswell!

The chocolate shake is amazing! Hey, so i purchased the weight loss products, and its amazing the vanilla sculpting whey taste so good! I have that for my lunch. Also i did find the breakfast shake a bit bitty, so now i just put it in a bowl and eat it instead of drinking it… but still does the trick!!! Abbie G — 10th January I bought it as a kickstart to healthy eating In January and this is my 5th day results!

My stomach is smaller and this is only in 5 days! They taste good, it tastes like a normal protein shake with almond milk, however with normal milk it taste like a vanilla milkshake! Miss Preeto — 9th January Ordered the weight loss kit — love the products. Whey shake is lush, great packaging. Preet — 6th January Ive received my weight loss kit, excited to start using it.

Cant wait to use it…. Really great way to lose weight! The hunger tablets helped me stop craving snacks inbetween meals!! Elle Dobson — 20th July I received my order yesterday morning, I got the sculpting whey in chocolate flavour.

I mixed it with water. I also tried the breakfast shake in chocolate brownie. Nicky — 13th July Harry — 31st May Im currently using the sculpting meal replacement shakes and ive loved the results! We ship 6 days per week - Monday through Saturday. We make every effort to ship your order the same day it is received. We quickly became, and have remained, the most trusted online provider of HCG weight loss Supplies since Imagine yourself feeling great fast at a new lower weight. You deserve the best value and a proven method like Dr.

Prove it to yourself. Specials available now for a limited time. FREE shipping options available. We value your business. I had to control myself from eating out from times a week not counting the muffin and coffee rounds at the nearby market to may be once or twice.

I started eating the regular ghar ka khana and that started showing the most on my body. Ask someone to help you with the weight loss: I just asked Sanjeev to stop me whenever he sees me munching chips, or remind me not to eat muffins every second day or remind me to go for my walks.

Trust me , it helps. Stop listening to people: I personally feel everyone has their own goals about their weight loss. Someone wants to reach size zero and someone is happy to reach size 10 only.

Just ignore such people, honestly. Find out what work out works for you: You cannot lose weight without moving your butt. Trust me, you cannot. As I told you i was desperate initially so I wanted to lose weight asap. I thought running was the best thing to do so I started running. I injured my knee twice and has to spend time getting it fixed at a physiotherapist. I consulted someone and they told me that because of my weight , my knees were not able to take the pressure of running so I should walk and take things slowly.

I just walked for many months and slowly started incorporating running in my routine. I mean rather than doing something desperate and getting yourself hurt is foolishness. So, find something what works for you- it could be dance, it could be brisk walking, running , kick boxing or whatever. Just figure out for yourself. Dress up for yourself and for people who love you and want to see you happy. This was something that I never stopped doing.

I love dressing up and you should too. It just keeps you happy and keeps the world around you a better place. You have to nourish you body. I mean you would only be inviting wrinkles, acne, stretch marks and lots of deficiencies if you go for crash diets.

Make smart choices — nuts instead of chips, a milk based sweet instead of milk chocolates, whole wheat instead of maida. I am not too qualified to say much on that but guess go back to your basics. I call up my mom and ask about the recipes for the things she used to cook for me. On day to day basis measure how many inches you have lost than how much weight you have lost. I am telling you, this is super motivating.

Inches go faster than your weight. That inches loss keeps you going. Weight loss not only is a huge confidence booster, it is very very healthy. You feel good and lighter. That would keep you going. That little walk would keep you sorted both physically and mentally. She is the perfect example of making a lifestyle change and gradually losing weight to get a fit and toned body.

By following the tips mentioned above, anyone can easily achieve their weight loss goals. Just follow a few golden rules and get ready to transform your body! I swear by Ghar ka khana,…and im soooooooooooo lucky dat my Ma makes every possible thing one can have in a restaurant at home itself…. I miss maa ke haath ka khana somreeta. I have put on a lot of weight in last 6 months, due to change in location, new job and responsibilities, late working hours, least physical work and survival on outside food.

But now I am trying to give time to my body, snacking on fruits, walking, getting up earlier than before, trying to cook my meals myself. I am hoping this would work in the long run.

This article is a great motivation. I was so waiting for this and I know thousands of readers were! Neha, I had to write this article eventually. This time I had to write it for myself so that i could follow what I did all this while. If you are aware , I guess you have already taken a step.

Rati di just what i needed! I also started with diet and walking, and today I am doing a no sugar no rice diet with 30 min of running and 30 min cycling!!!!!!!!! I have lost 4 kgs in 4 months! And very proud to say that my husband is a huge inspiration in this!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I agree avanti. I guess each one has their own goals. Guess you achieve that stage, you are happy with yourself! I was waiting for something of this kind ….. Good luck with your weight loss sandhya. One definitely needs someone who could motivate them during the weight loss. Thats always the first and foremost thing anyone should do. I mean see my mum-in-law taking so much care of herself.

I mean weight gain and loss would be a part of our lives. So deal with it calmly. Ratiii, how are you babe? So good to be back on IMBB! You have no idea how timely this article is…I have started feeling slightly heavier recently, although when I measured my inches they are still the same.

So, this article was immensely helpful and inspiring! I think the best part about this post is these are all very easy things to do if you are motivated enough…and one more thing — you looked gorgeous before and you look even more gorgeous now!

This has to be one of your best posts ever! The best thing about this article is it made me accept my body as it is.. I actually started hating it coz of weight gain.. I m super motivated and now positively gonna try for weight loss!! U can be a counseller too!!!

I actually needed this, have become a lazy bum lately…!!!! Komal, i think we all go through such phases. I have been a counsellor for many years.

Great tips…best is they are workable if we really want to work on our weight! I have started losing weight, though i have not set down a target of how much I want to lose. Jomo , I ammmm sooo happy for you. You are one of the most positive people I know. Right post at the right time for me…I have put on weight for unknown reasons.

I rarely eat out and I do not have a sweet tooth, guess its my dose of non veg…. I feel good that I wrote this. Guess time for me to get back to routine again. Thanks for writing this post Rati … u will inspire so many women out there who are depressed because of their weight and body shape. Hi Nats, loved reading your comment. Walking has made a lot of difference to me.

I know people get overweight because of hyperthyroid. I can only wish that you get better soon. I met one girl at the gym 2 years back. She had that problem but she mentioned that she could get rid of her weight with proper exercise and diet. I am sure you would too and it is very important to embrace yourself. If you are not happy yourself, you would only spread unhappiness around. Just keep going and things would work for you.

I usually just visit the website and go back. I love every kinda workouts… And I loveee ghar ka khaana. And may I make a small suggestion? Why dont u put up posts on Faux Pas abt what workout u r currently loving??? She keeps your momentum up all the time. The article is really very motivating. From , i lost about 12 kgs Though, it did not showed that much in my body. Now this year i got job, and had to stopped moving frequently, not eating moderately etc. Last June, i started a Diet plan, followed them, again tone a Little bit and now?

I am all over a Drum again.

Weight Loss and the Transformational Process