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On the other hand, cytokines and chemokines are known for their role in modulating immune responses, because of which they can be utilized as useful candidates to treat cancer cells. And increasing oxygen levels in cancer cells to high levels could help kill those cancer cells. They may also turn on production of certain enzymes that are sent into nearby cells to turn them cancerous. The role of NK cells in tumour immunosurveillance has been highlighted in a number of studies and shows that several receptors on the surface of the NK cells play a pivotal role in recognizing tumour antigens and tumour specific proteins released in the bloodstream. Kennel cough is characterized by irritation and inflammation of the nose, throat, tracheaand large airways, resulting in a harsh, dry, 'honking' cough that is exacerbated bydry-air conditions, exercise and neck pressure e.

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Even if someone does not carry this mutation, low levels of APC and low levels of p53 are found in a majority of colon cancers. It may well be that cancer don't develop until the tumor suppressors in the organ they develop in become low. Tumor supressors or more precisely, the lack of them, are indeed a foundation in the development of many if not all cancers.

Especially if you carry a mutated tumor suppressor gene that does not produce or encode adequate amounts of tumor suppressor proteins. Fortunately, now there is now a solution for persons carrying the mutated tumor suppressor genes.

One that doesn't involve removing breasts, colons or other organs. And even better it optimizes the amount of, and function of, all the other tumor suppressor genes and proteins. The energies in the T Suppressor Elixir instruct the body to optimize the function of, and increase the amount to optimal levels, of all the tumor suppressors in the body.

This will help prevent low levels of tumor suppressors from allowing cancers to develop. It will also enable the body to better eliminate the cancer that has developed. Obviously, if you have a lot of cancer in your body, you would much more likely be able to get rid of this cancer if you had more tumor suppressor proteins. The T Suppressor Elixir tells your body to produce the optimal amount of tumor suppressors needed to beat a cancer, or to prevent cancer from developing.

Better still, for persons who have mutated tumor suppressor genes, this elixir will tell the body to produce optimal amounts of the tumor suppressor proteins that the genes fail to encode. In a sense, using the T Suppressor Elixir takes the place of a mutated gene -- as long as you are using it. In our energetic testing, the T Suppresor Elixir is almost as powerful as the Cellular Replication Control Elixir, coming in at 23, when you do not have any genetically mutated tumor suppressor genes.

And no wonder if approximately half of all colon, breast and lung cancers have low levels of the p53 protein. Many other cancer will be equally deficient in tumor suppressor proteins.

If you have a genetic mutation affecting a tumor suppressor gene, the T Suppressor Elixir is even more powerful, coming in at 29, in our energetic rating scale. Not only is the typical diet full of pesticides and herbicides, it also is heavy in foods that feed cancer cells — sugars, refined carbs, and animal protein. A weakened, poorly functioning immune system is also part of the picture.

It is no longer able to kill the increasing number of cancer cells that developed as the body becomes more toxic, more acidic and less oxygenated. Poor functioning of the liver is central to the development of cancer. The liver has the job of removing toxins from the body, filtering them out of the blood. When there is an excessive number of toxins, when a poorly functioning liver becomes overloaded and unable to filter out all the toxins the modern lifestyle puts in the body, these toxins are shunted into your cells.

This enables blood pH to be maintained in the narrow range it needs to be in. So… Over the years more and more toxins are being stored in your cells. These toxins can cause damage to cell DNA, leading to mutations. They cause the body, the blood, and your cells to be too acidic.

This over acidity reduces the amount of oxygen that can be carried in the blood and makes it more difficult to get that oxygen into the cells. Low oxygen in cells causes some of the mitochondrial enzymes needed to make energy from oxygen to die and if this happens enough, a cell may no longer be able to produce energy aerobically.

If it reaches this point, it is forced to use anaerobic sugar fermentation to produce some energy or it will die. Unfortunately, these cells cannot function well because this mode of energy production produces very little energy. They fail to respond to the commands of the body and thus can turn cancerous. You will learn more details about this in the Oxygen and Cancer section and the pH and Cancer section. So over the years as more and more cells end up with more and more toxins stuck in them, more and more cancer develops.

Adding to this, as we age our immune systems become weaker. It is overworked trying to deal with toxins from chronic infections like candida overgrowth, parasites, viruses and bacterial infections.

Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, electromagnetic radiation and more, finally wear it down. So it is less able to kill cancer cells, just when cancer cells are being created in ever increasing amounts. The foundational approach to dealing with cancer, the first action that needs to happen, lies in getting your body back to functioning at a more optimal level so that it can naturally heal itself of whatever ails it.

Your body knows what needs to be done to get healthy again, it just needs some support and tools so that it can get the job done. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to do. Your typical immune system supplements, liver support supplements, detoxification supplements and so on, are made with little understanding of the relationship between the liver, the brain and the immune system. They do not understand the need for electrical conductivity in cells so that cells work and communicate properly.

This lack of understanding results in supplements and medicines that are not sophisticated enough to enable the body to heal itself efficiently. Supplements that have no understanding of the need for proper interaction of the various organs and systems in the body — most importantly, the liver, brain and immune system. A New And Better Understanding Of How The Body Works As you have just read, and will read in more detail on other pages of this site, a buildup of toxins in the body, leading to high acidity, low oxygenation and a much greater potential for cellular mutation, is what drives the development of cancer.

Your liver is the primary organ responsible for either stopping or allowing this buildup of toxins. One of its many jobs is to filter the blood of toxins and send them out of the body. After years of removing more toxins than it was ever designed to remove, liver function weakens. Years of poor quality food found in the typical modern diet will have disrupted its ability to do its job properly. So you end up with a poorly performing liver that cannot communicate effectively with the brain.

This leads to a brain that is unable to effectively command the immune and nervous systems. In addition, the electrical conductivity of the cells, or actually the lack of it, plays a part in the poor function of the brain and overall poor functioning of cells. This alone contributes to the low oxygenation and cellular functioning that leads to the development of cancer. When you get your body functioning properly and effectively, it can heal itself of cancer.

Cells gradually oxygenate and make energy more effectively as the liver removes toxins. Low oxygen causes cancer, high oxygen reverses cancer. Cellular mutations are greatly reduced as toxins are removed by the liver so fewer cells will turn cancerous. Cells rebuild using the healthy oils and minerals so that their electrical conductivity improves, and they can function properly. Only non-functional or very poorly functional cells turn cancerous. Your immune system will be able to do a much better job of attacking cancer cells because the brain will be directing the immune system more effectively.

Your immune system will be stronger and more powerful because of the nutrients Optimal Immune 2. These four supplements are: Optimal Immune 2 is an immune system supplement that is designed to work on these fundamental issues. It has herbs that clear pathways in the liver, nutrients that pull toxins out of the liver — enabling the liver to function more effectively.

Optimal Immune 2 herbs also clear pathways in the brain , and more importantly supply many nutrients to support brain function — so that the brain can better control the immune system. This is an oil based formula, of emulsified oils, lipids, liquid chlorophyll, structured water that have been processed in a new and patent pending emulsifying procedure.

This becomes a liposomal delivery mechanism for the herbs and medicinal mushrooms in it. Giving them the ability to penetrate dormant tissue, clogged cells and cellular pathways, and reactivate them. The chlorophyll and structured water in Optimal Immune 2 penetrate congested liver pathways to remove trapped minerals and fats from the liver, clear bile ducts and help restore the liver.

This leads to a rebalancing of the immune system which creates a much more powerful immune system response. This delivery system also gets the immune system supporting herbs and mushroom extracts and oils into the immune system cells to increase their effectiveness. Optimal Immune 2 Ingredients: Parent Essential Oil Base: Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Rosemary and Cinnamon.

Full Spectrum Herbal Extracts: Ashwagandha, Green Tea, Turmeric. Optimal Immune 2 comes in an 8 ounce bottle. This formula is so potent, you only need to use one bottle a month. Generally use 1 bottle a month of this. If you want to be more vigorous in supporting add in its sister product, Optimal Immune 1. UltraLiver12 and Brain Power use different sets of ingredients to enhance the actions of Optimal Immune 2.

UltraLiver12 is built around a powerful antioxidant combination of alpha-lipoic acid, silymarin and selenium that was originally developed by Burt Berkson M. He and many other doctors used this combination with a great deal of success for treatment of advanced acute liver degeneration. Not only does UltraLiver12 provide therapeutic levels of these three much-researched liver support nutrients in their most effective and absorbable forms, but it adds in five other liver-protective antioxidants, including a patented CoQ10 from Germany.

In addition to these antioxidants, UltraLiver12 provides cell membrane stabilizing agents, bile secretion enhancing compounds and nutrients that prevent depletion of endogenous antioxidants such as glutathione. UltraLiver12 works to protect the liver from free radical damage.

It increases the levels of other fundamental antioxidants and even interferes with virus proliferation. It has nutrients that support the immune system and enhance detoxification.

All this provides you with comprehensive nutritional support. The liver plays many roles in your health. It repackages nutrients from food so your body can use them. Makes the proteins your body needs from the amino acids your food supplies. This enables it to produce and release hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters protein for tissue repair and more. Your liver breaks down toxins for elimination and filters all your blood. Liver support is vitally important for the body's health and wellbeing.

In many ways it is the most important organ in your body. One consequence of liver stress from too much exposure to toxins or pathogens is insufficient bile production. Bile is produced by the liver and is stored in the gall bladder. Bile emulsifies fat, which enables the proper digestion of fat. Bile is important in preventing constipation and candida overgrowth. This is because it helps create the correct pH in your guts for beneficial gut flora to flourish.

Because of its ability to help control candida overgrowth in the guts, bile also helps reduce food allergies and food sensitivities. When you liver is not able to handle toxins because it has been overwhelmed and no longer can detoxify them, many times your body will push toxins out through the skin. Removing toxins this way can irritate the skin and cause skin issues such as eczema and dermatitis.

One of UltraLiver12 most important actions is its ability to rebuild a severely damaged liver. If your liver has been damaged by toxins from infections, then UltraLiver12 is a very valuable supplement. Ingredients per 3 capsule serving: The ingredients in UltraLiver12 that improve bile production include artichoke leaf extract, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl Cystein, reishi mushroom extract, kelp, and colostrum.

While the nutrients in Brain Power focus on the brain, they also work on the liver. This is because the first step in getting the right nutrients to the brain is to get the liver processing nutrients correctly and sending them to the brain. Brain Power is designed to calm down the liver so that it does not over-excite the brain. A hyper-active, malfunctioning liver causes a hyper-active brain because pushes the wrong minerals and nutrients into the brain.

When this happens, stress chemicals are produced in the brain. Brain Power is designed to clear these stress chemicals and calm down the brain. Brain Power uses an advanced absorption mechanism to get nutrients into brain cells.

Its delivery system helps your brain cells absorb these nutrients and fish oils effortlessly for maximum benefit. They train the brain to function at a higher level, to avoid nutrients that cause it to malfunction, and to uptake the nutrients it needs.

The specific vitamins and fish oils in it repair the brain synapses, and improve the function of the synaptic connections by 're-programming' the way the brain uses nutrients in the body. Brain Power instructs the brain to change and improve the incorrect nerve-signaling that is taking place in brains with degenerative neurological conditions.

This action is important for anyone seeking to improve their brain health. The fish oils in Brain Power are the best fish oils for the brain, supplying trace amounts of proteins that can be used by brain cell DNA. It feeds brain cells by supplying the minerals, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants that the brain needs.

Fish oils on their own, isolated, are unprotected and ultimately may cause free radical damage to cells as they turn rancid. Research has found that isolated fish oil supplementation caused cancer tumors to grow. The minerals, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants in Brain Power prevent its fish oil from turning rancid. The vitamins and nutrients supplied by Brain Power in the right ratio, especially vitamins B9 and B10, when combined with the fish oils, help rebuild and repair brain pathways.

Brain Power is designed to stop electrical overcharge, to calm down the over-responding nervous systems. This enables it to better control the immune system — so that the immune system will do a more effective job of healing cancer. It will help the brain become aware of what it needs, so that the brain starts asking for the proper nutrients, and then begins absorbing those nutrients so that the brain starts working properly.

Just throwing nutrients at the brain, in the wrong ratio, without the right delivery system and needed co-nutrients will not get the brain functioning optimally. You need a properly functioning brain so that your immune system will fight cancer more effectively. Brain Power tests at on its own for helping the body deal with cancer.

There are large soft gel capsules in each bottle of Brain Power. For cancer prevention, the normal dosage is 2 soft gels twice a day. At this rate a bottle will last 2 months. For fighting cancer, double the dose to 4 soft gel capsules twice a day where a bottle will last a month.

The final foundational supplement that establishes a solid base of health — enabling you body to better heal cancer — is this unique fish oil supplement. It is designed to work with Optimal Immune, UltraLiver12 and Brain Power to create optimal health and well being, enabling the body to do a more effective job of dealing with cancer. Ultimate Fish Blend has the complete profile of omega oils needed for optimal health.

It is unlike all other fish oil supplements which, as studies are now showing, will damage cells as they turn rancid in the body. They do so because they are unprotected and isolated oils, without the necessary co-factors needed for their proper use.

This leads to free radical damage in cells which may be the cause of the cancer tumor growth research studies have discovered. Ultimate Fish Blend uses the same advanced absorption mechanism of bioactive proteins and interactive electrolytes as found in Ultraliver It supplies a combination of the most effective blend of fish oils, with the minerals and proteins needed for these oils to work properly in the body.

And uses this patent pending unique spore and liposomal delivery mechanism that gets these nutrients into cells. This delivery system and combination of nutrients will help every cell in your body absorb these oils effortlessly for maximum health benefit. Ultimate Fish Blend is a complete cellular regeneration formula.

It focuses on improving cellular health. Energy will increase as your cells will be able to produce more energy aerobically. Ultimate Fish Blend is also designed to provide lubrication to the joints and finer capillaries for optimal blood delivery of nutrients to these areas.

A major function of oils in your body is to act as an electromagnetic conductor. In order to do so, minerals and especially calcium are needed, along with proteins and enzymes. All these are provided in the right ratio in Ultimate Fish Blend. Because of this increase in electromagnetic conductivity, your cells will communicate better, hormone production may improve, as may digestion.

It contains additional herbs to drive circulation, and a tiny amount of alcohol to increase absorption, all in a soft gel capsule. Fish oil on its own, without these additional ingredients and deliver support systems, cannot supply the electrical conductivity your body needs.

Not because it was designed to fight cancer, but because its actions get your cells working better so that they are less likely to turn cancerous.

And some cancer cells may even heal and turn non-cancerous as their energy production improves. Ultimate Fish Blend Ingredients: Each bottle supplies large soft gel capsules. Normal use, or for cancer prevention, is to take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night. A bottle will last 3 months at this rate. For dealing with cancer, take 3 capsules twice a day — a bottle will last 1 month. They do such a good job of this, they form the foundation of a program to heal yourself of cancer.

In our energetic testing, these supplements when used in the appropriate doses, tests at 83,, stronger than any other combination of four supplements that we have tested. This is our most recent update to the site. If you read elsewhere on this site that such and such combination tests the best, that may have been so in the past, but no longer. Use them for their anti-aging, health creating benefits. Use them to get your body working better, cleaner and less toxic with a stronger immune system.

This will enable it to do a much better job of healing any cancer you may have. The actions they cause will also, of course, help prevent cancer from returning or help prevent cancer in the first place.

The link between oxygen and cancer is clear. In fact, an underlying cause of cancer is low cellular oxygenation levels. In newly formed cells, low levels of oxygen damage respiration enzymes so that the cells cannot produce energy using oxygen.

These cells can then turn cancerous. Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen respiration in cells. But, even for cancer, there is only one primary cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. All normal body cells meet their energy needs by respiration of oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs in great part by fermentation. All normal body cells are thus obligate aerobes, whereas all cancer cells are partial anaerobes.

Poor oxygenation comes from a buildup of carcinogens and other toxins within and around cells, which blocks and then damages the cellular oxygen respiration mechanism. Clumping up of red blood cells slows down the bloodstream, and restricts flow into capillaries.

This also causes poor oxygenation. Even lack of the proper building blocks for cell walls, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, restricts oxygen exchange. Warburg and other scientists found that the respiratory enzymes in cells, which make energy aerobically using oxygen, die when cellular oxygen levels drop to. When the mitochondrial enzymes get destroyed, they're host cell can no longer produce all its energy using oxygen.

So, if the cell is to live, it must, to some degree, ferment sugar to produce energy. For a short period of time, like when running a race, this anaerobic fermentation of sugar is okay. Your legs build up lactic acid from this fermentation process and burn, and you stop running. Then your cells recover and produce energy using oxygen. However the problem comes when your cells cannot produce energy using oxygen because of this damage to the respiratory enzymes.

Then they must produce energy primarily by fermentation most of the time. This is what can cause a cell to turn cancerous. According to Warburg, cells that produce energy by fermenting sugars may turn cancerous. Warburg's contention is this The cells that cannot produce energy aerobically, cannot produce enough energy to maintain their ability to function properly. So they lose their ability to do whatever they need to do in the body. Fermentation allows these cells to survive, but they can no longer perform any functions in the body or communicate effectively with the body.

Consequently, these cells can only multiply and grow. And may become cancerous. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, they degrade into cancer cells that no longer serve your body, but live to survive Decades ago, two researchers at the National Cancer Institute, Dean Burn and Mark Woods, Dean translated some of Warburg's speeches conducted a series of experiments where they measured the fermentation rate of cancers that grew at different speeds.

What they found supported Dr. The cancers with the highest growth rates had the highest fermentation rates. The slower a cancer grew, the less it used fermentation to produce energy. Naturally Warburg's contention about oxygen and cancer was challenged and tested by other scientists.

Some researchers claimed his theory was not valid after they had measured a particularly slow growing cancer, and found no fermentation at all. And if cancer could grow with no fermentation, then fermentation, or lack of oxygen respiration, was not the cause of cancer. Dean Burn and Mark Woods checked those results.

Using more sophisticated equipment, they determined that the equipment these researchers used to measure fermentation levels was not accurate enough to detect fermentation at low levels. Their testing, using newer and more accurate equipment, showed that even in those very slow growing cancer cells, fermentation was still taking place, at very low levels.

Pietro Gullino, also at the National Cancer Institute, devised a test which showed that this slow growing cancer always produced fermentation lactic acid. Silvio Fiala, a biochemist from the University of Southern California, also confirmed that this slow growing cancer produced lactic acid, and that it's oxygen respiration was reduced.

Further research into Warburg's theory showed that when oxygen levels were turned down, cells began to produce energy anaerobically. They ultimately became cancerous when levels went low enough. Kizer, a biochemist and physicist at Gungnir Research in Portsmith, Ohio explains, "Since Warburg's discovery, this difference in respiration has remained the most fundamental and some say, only physiological difference consistently found between normal and cancer cells.

Using cell culture studies, I decided to examine the differential responses of normal and cancer cells to changes in the oxygen environment. Indeed, some normal tissues were found to require high 02 tensions.

It does seem to demonstrate the possibility that if the 02 tensions in cancer tissues can be elevated, then the cancer tissue may be able to be killed selectively, as it seems that the cancer cells are incapable of handling the 02 in a high 02 environment. Low oxygen levels in cells may be a fundamental cause of cancer. There are several reasons cells become poorly oxygenated. An overload of toxins clogging up the cells, poor quality cell walls that don't allow nutrients into the cells, the lack of nutrients needed for respiration, poor circulation and perhaps even low levels of oxygen in the air we breathe.

Cancer cells produce excess lactic acid as they ferment energy. Lactic acid is toxic, and tends to prevent the transport of oxygen into neighboring normal cells. Over time as these cells replicate, the cancer may spread if not destroyed by the immune system.

There is more to this picture than Otto Warburg understood. Other cancer cells do burn oxygen for fuel. And these cells have a very interesting interaction with the cells using glucose fermentation. Over the last few years researchers have identified a more sophisticated and accurate description of cancer cell metabolism. It is true that a majority of cells fit into this model of burning glucose to produce energy.

Researchers pieced together the key to this puzzle. It is very interesting. Cancer cells don't need a lot of energy to function, and there is plenty of energy sources available to them. What they do need is a large supply of nutrients necessary to grow and proliferate. Burning oxygen produces a lot of energy, and not much in the way of nutrients to fuel growth. Burning glucose produces little energy, but a lot of nutrients to fuel growth and proliferation.

So it may be that the fastest growing cancer cells utilize glucose fermentation to produce energy because it produces so much more of what they need, nutrients that enable them to grow fast and proliferate more rapidly. Decades ago, Dean Burns and Mark Woods found that the fastest growing cancer cells had the most glucose fermentation, and the slowest growing cancer cells had the least amount of glucose fermentation.

In addition, over the past few years researchers have noted that some cancer cells burn lactase lactic acid and even fat ketones as additional energy sources. Lactic acid is readily available in tumors as most of the cancer cells are burning glucose for energy and producing lactic acid as a byproduct of that process.

They pump out the lactic acid to get rid of it so that it doesn't overwhelm and destroy them. Other cancer cells in the tumor that are producing energy primarily with oxygen and less with glucose, uptake this lactase, according to researchers, and metabolize it for energy. By doing so, they use less glucose which enables glucose dependent cancer cells to have more to consume. In order to create more nutrients as a byproduct of cell metabolism, cancer cells also metabolize glutamine.

It is also not an efficient source of energy to run the cell, but it supplies valuable nutrients needed by the cancer cells to grow and proliferate. Clearly, the key to fighting cancer is shut down as much of the metabolic processes as possible in cancer cells.

Stopping both their production of energy, and the more limiting factor, their processing and production of nutrients needed to support the growth of cancer cells and their rapid replication. Two elixirs mentioned elsewhere in this report help with this.

The Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir, mentioned in the Foundations of Cancer section, shuts down the primary glucose metabolizing pathways in cancer cells. Glutam, mentioned in the pH and Cancer section reduces the amount of glutamine getting into cancer cells, and inhibits its metabolism. But much more can be done to inhibit all the various pathways in cancer cells that produce energy and nutrients.

To shut down these pathways, use the CMSD Elixir focuses on inhibiting every cancer cell metabolic pathway -- with the intent of both shutting down energy production andalso the production of the all important nutrients needed to promote the growth of cancer cells and their proliferation. CMSD is the most valuable cancer fighting supplement we have tested. It has a strong synergy with the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir and several other elixirs. It's actions and the combined actions of these elixirs make them easily the strongest cancer fighting strategy there we have seen, causing cancer cell death by starvation and stopping cancer cell proliferation and growth.

This research shows that most of the time, even though a tumor may develop in just one place, there are still a lot of cancer cells floating around the body looking for a place to settle down and grow.

Fortunately, other research has shown that most individual cancer cells don't survive on their own. If they did we'd all be full of cancer. They starve to death, so to speak, with a metabolism that is not effecient enough to keep them alive. Use of CMSD and the other elixirs that shut off cancer cell metabolism will greatly decrease the likelihood that a cancer will proliferate elsewhere in the body as those individual cancer cells will have even less of a chance at surviving.

Cancer cell metabolism pathways are enzyme pathways. Every action that happens in cells, and in fact, your body, must use an enzyme to make it happen.

Inhibit production of the enzymes responsible for cancer cell metabolism, and you prevent the metabolic pathways from working. This is what CMSD does. It instructs the body to inhibit in every way possible, the metabolism of glucose, glutamine, and even oxygen, in cancer cells only.

Glucose is the main source of energy in most cancer cells, followed by glutamine. Some cancer cells do primarily use oxygen. CMSD also inhibits production of acetylene-CoA in cancer cells in order to minimize fatty acid production as fatty acids are another fuel source cancer cells can metabolize to produce energy and nutrients.

CMSD inhibits the expression and activation in cancer cells of all proliferation causing tyrosine kinases enzymes. It inhibits production of fumarate and succinate in cancer cells. It inhibits the production of NADPH which will prevent glutathione from being produced in cancer cells. It inhibit mTORC1 signaling in cancer cells to block cancer cell growth and proliferation. CMSD prevents the the uptake of lactate in cancer cells. Some cancer cells metabolize the lactic acid that other cancer cells produce in excess.

It inhibits cancer cell production of glutaminase, the enzyme needed to metabolize glutamine. Plus there are a number of other very specific enzymes that are also inhibited, to reduce as much as possible, cancer cell metabolism.

As does the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir, CMSD will cause cancer cell apoptosis, with the cancer cells dying a natural death, because of the lack of energy being produced by the cancer cell.

They are covered in other sections of this site, a brief summary of them is as follows:. Glutam is an elixir that prevents glutamine from being absorbed into and metabolized by cancer cells. Glutamine is an alternative source of energy for cancer cells that produces a number of the nutrients needed for growth and proliferation. Stopping this action is vital for complete shut down of cancer cell metabolism. Dtosin is an elixir that turns on cancer cell apoptosis. This will speed up the death of cancer cells when their metabolism is low.

It gives a series of instructions that cause disruption of cancer cell metabolism along with increasing destruction of the cancer cell internally. Cancer cell death apoptosis must be signaled by the mitochondria of the cancer cell, and in most cancer cells, the mitochondria of these cells is either not functional or is barely functional.

Body and Skin Renewal Elixir improves mitochondrial function, among its many benefits. Using it along with CMSD and these other elixirs speeds up cancer cell death by turning on the mitochondria in cancer cells.

Once the mitochondria realize that the cancer cell has little to no energy, it gives the signal for the cancer cell to die. In our energetic testing, CMSD Elixir tests at 34, for fighting cancer when used at the 3 bottle a month dose for advanced cancers or 2 bottles a month for early stage cancers. Clearly these are among the top anti-cancer supplements to be using, both for eliminating the cancer, and for preventing its spreading anywhere else in your body.

Next up, an elixir that deals with a fundamental yet virtually unknown cause of cancer. No one really knows why a cell turns cancerous when it has low oxygen levels. Why doesn't it just run out of gas, so to speak, when it is unable to produce energy and either putter along doing what little it can, or tell itself to die as cells normally do as they age or become damaged. Why does it turn cancerous instead of this benign action?

Even if a cell has a poorly functioning metabolism resulting in energy being produced through burning sugar rather than oxygen, what makes it turn cancerous? A cancer cell is no longer acting together with the rest of the cells in the body in their mission to keep the body as healthy as possible. It has become "non-self" —— not communicating with the rest of the cells in the body.

Not trying to help the body survive. This allows it to develop into a cancerous growth that is harmful to the body. There is a cell survival mechanism that enables this to happen, that can set up the development of cancer in some circumstances. Some day researchers may be able to detail what those circumstances are precisely. Undoubtedly they are a combination of low oxygen, an inability to metabolize oxygen because of damage to the mitochondria, or other damaged caused by pathogens and toxins.

These may lead to cancer though, only because of this protective mechanism for cells. This mechanism is called the Cell Danger Response. When a cell is injured, damaged by a pathogen such as a virus, damaged by toxins whether they be environmental toxins or toxins from candida, when a cell is ill from lack of oxygen or its inability to metabolize oxygen, the Cell Danger Response is activated for that cell.

This response shuts off its communication with other cells so that it can take a break from the work it does, and heal itself. This is something like a worker at a factory being injured or falling ill and being sent to the hospital to get well.

Once that worker heals, then back to work he or she goes. The cell with the activated Cell Danger Response isn't sent to the hospital to recover.

It stays where it is and nutrients are brought to it to heal. Sometimes however, something goes wrong and the cell does not heal and it does not die.

Burns or any break in the skin and IV drug access sites are also potential entryways for the bacteria. Tetanus is acquired through contact with the environment; it is not transmitted from person to person. Tetanus results in severe, uncontrollable muscle spasms. For example, the jaw is "locked" by muscle spasms, causing the disease to sometimes be called "lockjaw. The disease in humans is the result of infection of a wound with the spores of the bacteria Clostridium tetani.

These bacteria produce the toxin poison tetanospasmin, which is responsible for causing tetanus. Tetanospasmin binds to motor nerves that control muscles, enters the axons filaments that extend from nerve cells , and travels in the axon until it reaches the body of the motor nerve in the spinal cord or brainstem a process termed retrograde intraneuronal transport.

Then the toxin migrates into the synapse small space between nerve cells critical for transmission of signals among nerve cells where it binds to nerve terminals and inhibits or stops the release of certain inhibitory neurotransmitters glycine and gamma-aminobutyric acid. Because the motor nerve has no inhibitory signals from other nerves, the chemical signal to the motor nerve of the muscle intensifies, causing the muscle to tighten up in a huge continuous contraction or spasm.

If tetanospasmin reaches the bloodstream or lymphatic vessels from the wound site, it can be deposited in many different locations and result in the same effect on other muscles. In the United States, because of widespread immunization and careful wound care , the total annual number of cases has averaged about cases per year since In developing countries of Africa, Asia, and South America, tetanus is far more common.

The annual worldwide incidence is between , million cases. The majority of new cases worldwide are in neonates in third-world countries. Clostridium tetani is a gram-positive rod-shaped bacterium that is found worldwide in soil; it is usually in its dormant form, spores, and becomes the rod-shaped bacterium when it multiplies.

The vegetative rods produce the spore usually at one end of the rod Figure 1. The organisms are considered anaerobic , meaning they do not require oxygen to survive. What Are the Risk Factors for Tetanus? Not obtaining the tetanus vaccine or a tetanus vaccine booster vaccine puts individuals at higher risk for tetanus. Wounds, burns, frostbite, or skin breaks exposed to dirt, dust, or animal feces increases the risk of tetanus. Also, deep penetrating wounds like those obtained from stepping on a rusty or dirty nail are at high risk for tetanus development.

Such a wound may be medically termed a "tetanus prone wound. As we normally use our muscles, they alternately contract and relax as we move our limbs back and forth. Similarly, the muscles that maintain our posture contract and relax in a synchronized fashion. A muscle that involuntarily contracts without our consciously willing it is called a "spasm. A muscle cramp is an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax.

Muscle cramps cause a visible or palpable hardening of the involved muscle. What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Tetanus? The hallmark feature of tetanus is muscle rigidity and spasms. The median incubation period is seven days with a range from about four to 14 days. The shorter the incubation period, usually the more severe are the symptoms.

Mega doses above and beyond bowel tolerance dose that produces diarrhea are given intravenously to fight serious infections like Lyme disease as well as cancer. The only significant issue with the use of high dose vitamin C beyond the RDA levels is the diarrhea side effect.

Backing off the dose should resolve this problem. This false advice on limiting the length of time that one should be using Echinacea originates from a German study that actually said the opposite. Things are often lost in translation. The bottom line is that one can supplement Echinacea continuously for years without concerns.

The other Echinacea myth is that people who have autoimmune disease should not be taking it due to over-stimulation of their autoimmune disease. Once again, to be healthier with autoimmune disease, take echinacea in large doses. If you have a ragweed allergy you might react adversely to Echinacea because it belongs to the same plant family. I may have offended David Letterman and some people by not listing their favourite immune booster. There are many other immunity boosting supplements I could have discussed.

Below is a short list of other supplements readily available from most health food stores and some pharmacies which have a substantial amount of evidence that supports their use. These are all excellent for the right person. Of course, numerous homeopathic remedies based on individual needs will also help boost immunity. A natural health care provider can recommend what might work best for you.

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