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How too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3 is making us sick
I have also heard nutritionists say otherwise. Its operation prevents oxidation, and it means no nutrient will escape from the juicing process leaving you to a nutritious juice with more vitamins and enzymes. Do wash it at once before the fruits and greens dry or else there will be staining and you will have a harder time cleaning. It reall y is super durable. No matter how crazy, it is preferrable to the status quo bought and paid for by lobbyists. Wow, what a well done page—loved the you tube feeds also.

Why do you think it's in a class of it's own?

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It maintains juices a richer taste maintaining the healthy enzymes and vitamins as well as minerals. This unique Low-Speed Masticating Technology enables higher nutritional value for keeping the healthy enzymes in the juice. Also, the heavy duty Juicing Screw: It comes with two color Black-green and black-orange. It uses Watt and weight about 3. It comes with three years manufacturer warranty. Note that specs might change before buy please check it properly.

This juicer is compact and takes less space in your kitchen. Because juicer equips with DC motor, so there will be a short delay when it power. It is a Motor protection system. The juicer manufacture is not yet given any confirmation about BAP free product. It is certified by the North American standard for household appliances: The Aicok juice extractor cold press juicer machine comes in a sophisticated design yet simple to operate. It is well equipped with quiet AC motor with the low speed of about 80 RPM and a reverse function to ensure that you get the best out of the machine.

The Aicok juice extraction machine works in a slow speed of about 80 RPM per minute and that simply means it will foam or clog less which result to the fact that you get juice with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals to make you healthier. The extractor comes with the main juicer, instruction for users and different recipe guide you can try out with the machine. It is very ideal for vegetables, wheatgrass, ginger, apples, carrot, and oranges and more. This will blend your fruits and vegetables to your desired taste and feel.

It is a masticating juicer, so it works very slowly and that is to ensure no nutrient is lost during juicing. Juice made with the extractor machine can be stored for more than 72 hours and it will still retain its nutrient, but it is advisable that you get it refrigerated.

It has a quiet motor, unique auger and the filter integrated design that is easily detachable for cleaning. Due to its slow operation, it gives less or no oxidation which results in retaining more nutrients and the natural taste that you crave for. It has three quality years of guarantee to ensure users get the best of the machine.

Aicok also has two vertical slow juicer , One with small feed chute and other one is the Whole 75mm or 3-inch wide feed chute means less prep time for cutting vegetables and fruits. We reviewed more details below, but just to let you know as always vertical juicers are hard to clean compare to horizontal slow juicers as it has more parts to clean.

In terms of popularity aicok horizontal juicers are more popular than their vertical juicers they released later. Aicok Vertical Slow Masticating juicer is designed for all who loves to make smoothie and juice right in the comfort of their home.

The exciting part of the juicer is that it has no limitation to that which can be done with it because it is a multi-purpose electric juicer. It can only be powered by electricity, and you will be surprised with the variety of fruit juices that can be made with this juicer for yourself and household members.

It features different filters which help you to choose how you want your juice giving you the end product that you desire. What type of juicer is it? It is a masticating juicer, and that means it its operation is prolonged but of high efficiency leading to no heat build-up.

Its operation prevents oxidation, and it means no nutrient will escape from the juicing process leaving you to a nutritious juice with more vitamins and enzymes. It comes with three strainers for making juice, desserts, and jam. The conversion enzymes preferentially process n-3 fats, a plethora of which will inhibit immune responses. Maligning n-6 fats as outright pro-inflammatory is, well, inflammatory. She is now 21 in December and still she is vegetarian…..

Is flaxseed a viable alternative or what would u suggest please? Thanking you in anticipation for your help. Flax is a great source. It is BEST when we get it from our food as opposed to a pill. Some other good sources can be found at: I started taking Krill oil. It has both Omega3 and Omega6. I never know that ratio can make me sick. Thanks for great stuff. I need to learn much more about Omega3 and 6.

Thanks for the very informative article. I have taken special note of your comments that n-6 competes with n-3 and too much n-6 in the tissue can prevent absorption of n-3, leading to inflammatory diseases. I have been consuming plenty avocados and walnuts which are recommended by nutritionists as healthy foods for the cardiovascular system. However, I have been concerned about the high n-6 to n-3 ratios in these foods. On avocados, many papers have listed very high n-6 to n-3 ratios.

For example, this Internet site, http: With those kinds of high n-6 to n-3 ratios, I wonder why avocados and walnuts are still enthusiastically recommended in routine diets by health professionals.

Your insightful comments will be highly appreciated. If the people of the USA used their brain to protect the body our economy would come to a complete halt. All fast food stores, bars, and supper markets- go out of business.

You want to break the bank???? Question on Omega 6, Do you believe all Omega 6 is created equal? Meaning the avocado has high amounts of Omega 6 and so do different types of oils. Is there a synthetic approach vs. This is something I have been thinking about for some time. Pumpkin seeds for example have a ratio of Omega 6 to 3 and therefore should be very unhealthy.

Many nuts have up to rations. I therefore conclude that the problem is something to do with processing. Of course I may yet change my mind! Thank you for this article. I have since developed the Sapient Diet for my husband who was diagnosed with Junior Idiopathic Arthritis at age 12 and put of a ton of immune suppressant drugs. Now at age 28 and on the Sapient Diet low omega 6, gluten-, dairy-, nightshade-, nut-, egg-free he is completely off his medications and living without pain.

Could not have done it without you! I hope to share what I have learned with more people in the future. Dear Rebecca, could you please forward me the complete diet. I am being treated for crohns with Immunk suppresant injections.

I really wish to try this diet. Pleasr forward the diet to my email.. I need this info also. I have polymyalgia rheumatic and I am on prednisone. I do not wan to stay on it. I have been searching for anti inflammatory foods. My diet right now consists of lots and lots of the seeds and nuts listed in the omega 6 column. I wonder if this is causing my deasese? All i can say that there is not enough reliable info available on the web at all to know if omega-6 is safe, especially if to use it as medicine.

Howdy Folks Fun reading these posts. My understanding is omega 6 is very important. This article and others like it miss that very important part. The oil in fried food, baked and frozen food are adulterated omega 6. At way, way, way too high dose. Peskin on the web and get the straight scoop. Chicken are just bred to have huge breasts. Commercial food is full of animals with freak pituitary issues and elevated hormones that were selected for. Only way to know for sure is to know your farmer well or grow your own.

Olive oil has an omega-6 to 3 ratio of The only reason that the Mediterranean diet is nonetheless healthy is its focus on antioxidant-rich vegetables and omegarich seafood, which is the actual heart-healthy component. Extra virgin low acid olive oil is in near perfect ratio when it comes to Omega 6 and Omega 3. Too much Omega 6 can cause serious health issues. Omega 6 oils corn, canola, etc. Whereas, Cold Pressed Extra Virgin low acid Olive Oil is in fact an excellent source for over-all good health, and for cooking smoke temp.

Excellent for skin moisturizing, healing, softening , great for hair and scalp, and good for the entire digestive system. It contains modest amounts of Vitamins E and K. It can reduce inflammation, which is one of the main reasons for its health benefits inflammation is very unhealthy and chronic inflammation can cause serious health issues. Olive oil was the only source of monounsaturated fat associated with a large study for reduced risk of stroke and heart disease.

Olive oil is not the best to cook with, Coconut oil is! Use butter ghee or coconut oil for cooking, Coconut oil is fantastic for skin hair and eating!

Your information is mostly wrong or pointless. There is no perfect ratio for Omega 3: Yes olive oil ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is about Typical diet ratios are Soling point for extra virgin olive oil is about deg F, not deg F. Other less nutritious virgin, pure and light olive oil smoking temps are higher, up to F. GI index is pointless except for carbohydrates. Higher fat and fiber meals slow food passage and absorption lowering any carb-sugar response. So on reading all these articles and spending a good deal of time on the subjects, and thinking how informative they are, I now read on the blog below that the information is incorrect quite majorly on the N6 Omegas.

So what is the truth here. Its seems to be absolutely impossible to get reliable information these days. Too many people making too much money.

So is Omega 6 important or toxic? Omega 3 is good or bad, from fish, not from fish. Disappointing to say the least. The people reading these blogs care what is written and so did I, and now I am questioning everything you have written Chris. Update your site so our time, which is as precious as yours, is not wasted. I understand it to be the ratio of omega 3 to 6 in diet that is important.

Anything out of balance in your body can be toxic. This video is very informative for both vegetarian and omnivore diets.

You ideally on a DNA level want to be in balance at a 1: The world health organization says we should be 5: Our intake of omega 6 is off the scales and can easily be balanced byou including a high intake of omega 3. There are a lot of products out there but most have been proven not to work very well due to the fact that most fish oils are rancid. Stat healthy and keep researching.

Completely agree with your comment. Noticed the same confusing and seemingly sketchy recommendation regarding Sunflower oil too… So many of these articles seem to be pushing a product based on greed and hidden agenda vs, non-contradicting health facts and honest product recommendations!

Your intestinal microbiome needs complex carbohydrates, especially in form of fiber. Oil does nothing for your microbiome. If you want to build up a healthy gut flora, you should focus on fiber-rich leafy greens, inulin-rich veggies like chicory and onions, and fermented foods with living lactobacillus cultures such as sauerkraut raw and non-pasteurized or kimchi.

I am looking at giving my autistic daughter omega oils. Therefore would it be safe to give her the My Kind Organics D3 she would need 5 sprays to get her recommended dose of D3 which would mean mg Omega 6 in the form of organic pumpkin seed and cranberry seed oils? Thanks for your help. Anything below an omega-6 to 3 ratio of 5: The best modern diet in terms of n-6 and n-3 balance is the seafood-rich Japanese diet with a ratio of 4: Incidentally, Japan is the country with the highest life expectancy.

I think if you get close to a 4: That is such an interesting comment. I have never been able to achieve the 1: Anyway, the utopia that is 1: Have you ever looked into ZinZino? It has done wonders! I would highly recommend giving it a try! What about the large population groups that lived and still live large distances from the oceans, or even rivers? Farmers are feeding farmed fish grain, such as corn….. The point of fish farming is size and weight not the impact it will have as a natural food source on people.

So they feed the fish whatever will make them the biggest and fattest over time. Same goes for livestock and chickens. Many cows barely make it to market they are so diseased. The diet they get makes them that way and it makes us that way too. They ate meat rather than seafood. Venison, meat from grass-fed cattle and free-range poultry is higher in n-3 than n What do you think? Still blows me away! So yes, average age of death was low. However, there were still many individuals that reached old age, and the important point is that they had a more healthy older age healthful longevity than we do today.

So what is the exact difference between Fish Oil with Omega-3 and Omega What are best proportions and where is the best to get them?! Its supply amd demand. Peiple want to eat like ahot and take a pill to reduce inflamation. Besides is their a direct correlation between say arthritis and omega 6 amd 3 fatty acids? New article, very important. Note the Ukraine has lowest Omega-6 consumption and highest heart disease.

Article in the AHA journal. This cannot be true. Actually, doctors recommend the sunflower oil. Are avocados safe to eat for people who have inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis? One should always keep a balance in his nutrition, specially when choosing or making up diet yourself. Omega acids are essential, be sure to recheck any program before using it. It really should be no surprise that science is finding out moderation is key!

Those who are Biblical Scholars not necessarily religious will tell you moderation is not a NEW concept and that Moderation in all things was handed down from on high for a very good reason… To help, not to hurt!

What is your suggestion about this product? Much the same as the author not mentioning raspberries. Unfortunately, it is the wrong Omega Omega-3 refers to a family of fatty acids, only ALA is essential 18 carbon version.

So as we eat more marine food fish oil, krill oil, finest supplements, etc. Of course another story is how to get those EPA and DHA to our cells as without good antioxidants it is immpossible, but please.

In my opinion you are like going against the current of all scientists in this area. Well here is a link to a well researched review article that is very comprehensive and explains it. It is well referenced and has been validated by a top lipid biochemist. Well the article is a review article and is factually sound. There are some politics about the retraction and the scientific journal never disclosed reasons for it. All your comments are awfully misleading. Are you not ashamed of profiting from it?

It is so obvious. I seriously doubt you are any doctor at all. You have no clue what you are saying. Your comments contradict each other etc.

If you want average science go to the National Institutes of Health. Give me the bleeding edge. No matter how crazy, it is preferrable to the status quo bought and paid for by lobbyists. Invested interests do not want a better solution, only their solution.

It took 50 years to recognize the importance of coconut oil. If you are suffering do you want to wait to over turn yesterdays prejudice. Wait for the average opinion to change. Yes, give me more average. What a charlatan you are.

I originally thought to ready your opinion until I say you site was just pushing vegan based products that probably have little or no use what so ever. Marie have you even read the other comments. His change in opinion did not say walnut OIL it said whole walnuts quiet a difference. How many walnuts would you have to eat to get a quarter of a teaspoon of walnut oil? If his opinion is changing then he should change or pull the articles or at minimum, put a little note at the top of each one, stating which points his opinions are evolving since the article was written.

He pushes everyone in one direction. You can particularly see this in the discussion of damaged omega 6s vs healthy whole food omega 6s, olive oil, etc. These omega 6 are heated, partially hydrogenized, so no wonder their consumption is associated is with diseases.

However, omega 6 in their natural state most often are found beneficial. IÕve changed my view somewhat on omega-6 from natural sources since writing this article.

I think itÕs somewhat unlikely that n-6 from walnuts would cause harm, and of course nuts and seeds have health benefits as you pointed out. Walnuts are also quite high in n-3, which probably explains their effect on arterial flexibility. Yes, there is quite a bit of conflicting research on the n I may need to revise this article based on what IÕve been reading lately, but the jury is still out. It must be tough to keep articles current.

A quick addendum note added at the top of the article would be more fair to readers and do the job. The lack of management from this perspective leads to confusion and worst-case poor decisions.

It is a serious problem for authors like Chris who write about complex topics that are in flux with changing knowledge. Even your solution has its own issues. Now that he practices, he no longer has the time to be as effective and present in this community. For example, some comments below are getting deep into the math and talking about cutting out nuts, which I think are very good for you.

Also other things like modest amount of avocado. I believe the problem is mainly with damaged seed oils at high heat and feeding grain to animals that eat grass, which are obviously unhealthy. Reading about alarmingly low conversion rates to EPA and DHA has me sadly considering adding salmon and omega-3 eggs to my diet. After reading several articles, is it safe to assume that avoidance of inflammatory-causing foods allows increased bio-availability of plant-based omega-3s?

It is a common misperception, even among scientists who should really know better. Millions of years of evolution would not have made a silly mistake. The body can speed up conversion if needed, but in reality, we need far less of the longer chain Omega-3 than has been commonly thought. You are basing your argument on a non-issue.

When people read your quote they are thinking is she crazy? Do you know what the difference is between God and a Doctor? Seems like a moderator needs to step in and shut Dr. This is the problem with non-moderated posting. Definitive studies which have established which isomer s of I must admit, you have invested virtually nothing in your website and I would be willing to bet in your actual product , but have managed to craft enough language to convince a gullible person that the garbage you are hawking actually has any value.

There is a special place in hell for people of your ilk. I suggest to anyone reading this thread that this is a complex topic which requires a great deal of effort to even begin to understand. Now learn how to use Google. It is your friend. Jeff Matheson and check out what he has to say about polyunsaturated fats. You will notice that there is nothing of substance. Well to answer question 1, I would hope your biochemistry background taught you that only the cis,cis form of LA exists in natural substances, as to question 2, the process is a patented, cold-pressed process done under a nitrogen blanket to ensure non-oxidized product.

Every batch is tested for per-oxidization. If you are going to make comments on this board, you are free to do so but get your science correct. Your statement that cold pressed canola is a gmo product is a certifiably false. In order to get the equivalent amount of LA from your supplementary product you would have to take 4 capsules at the grand total price of 2 dollars, assuming you were on the subscription plan.

Heck, 1 ounce of steam treated California almonds give you everything you need with 3. You did not address my 2nd question. From the Canola Council of Canada http: The rest of your points are not relevant as most oils are heat processed, destroying their Omega content. All one has to do is try it. I am a software developer with a degree in Biochemistry. I have zero financial interest in anything except my own software company.

Steam treated almonds are just one of many natural whole foods which more than provide our daily requirement of LA. It is far cheaper than your supplement, and it is a whole food. Again, and this is getting repetitive, please provide a link from Health Canada or any reputable 3rd party which provides a verifiable analysis of the content of your supplement. I think it is pretty telling that the only thing apparent from your nutrition label is that 2 capsules contains 2 grams of fat.

I hope the world is a better place because of your software and I bet you do not give it away for free. Chris is changing his mind on fish oil.

Maybe you should have another look at your viewpoint. You disappeared, rather than admit defeat, I hope that no one was influenced by your lack of knowledge. I looked at this product, it is sold as a cooking oil. Very dangerous to heat oils with high Omega-3 and 6 content, should only be used raw. The myrosinase enzyme will make it taste like wasabi, probably not what you want in mayonnaise. BTW, if it is cold pressed, how do they deactivate the myrosinase enzyme which creates toxic products as a defines against herbivores?

Usually the canola seeds are cooked to prevent this, which would damage the Omega content. BTW, if it is cold pressed, how do they deactivate the myrosinase enzyme which creates toxic products as a defence against herbivores? If high omega 6 content were the only thing wrong with vegetable oils I might be tempted to use them. So I would love to hear an informed opinion on this and a suggestion of what would be the best way to bring a little Omega 6 back into my diet to see if that helps my eczema.

Eczema is the result of this as there is no Omega-3 in the skin, it is all Omega I supplement with it click on my name for website but there are lots of ways to get it, just make sure you avoid the processed oils that kill the Omega-6, canola, soy and corn oils are the worst. But I appreciate your input. What Kind of doctor are you? I recently read an article about the multiple benefits and uses for coconut oil. It also indicated 4 oils to avoid, specifically canola, rapeseed, sunflower, and safflower I believe.

It exposed the dangers of utilizing these other oils. Are you aware of this article and could you help me locate it. I feel it would be great beneficial to our readers as well. Yes, Omega 6 is important. We just need a balance between Omega-6 and Omega There is also one Omega-6 GLA that is anti-inflammatory and benefits skin.

We are concerned about the omega 6. Is it dangerous in later life and will we be putting our children at risk of heart disease due to the intake of omega 6? Do not underfeed your child essential Omega-6, that is highly dangerous. Just google Omega-6 deficiencies and you will see how important it is for humans.

But making sure your omega 3 intake is good enough, is crusial. In your case, no need to worry. I noticed in one of your comments you recommend to stay away from statins. I have hypothyroidism and my cholesterol normally runs between and After taking the statins it has come down to below Can my cholesterol be controlled by diet alone? I am now worried about what the statins may be doing to my body.

Statins are of no value, especially in women and have a huge side effect profile. You are holding the rope of the journey that will get you to old ages that you will be having ten medications the least numbers at the breakfast table.

Let go of that rope and start the journey of make yourself healthy with traditional approach that was natural. One place to start is westonapricefoundation. Susan, after eating a paleo diet for about three months, I was able to get off my statins. I take mg a day of Evening Primrose Oil. It completely gets rid of my fibercystic breast pain. Is it doing me harm? Also my son has Pyroluria disorder and is recommended he take mg of Omega 6 daily for the disorder.

Can you advise on this subject? The daily dose of unadulterated Omega-6 should be mg a day. Your son will come to no harm and you can safely increase your dose. I am so confused. Recently read an article about the benefits of Hemp Oil.

You have not wasted your money. The Omega ratio in hemp oil is correct, although hemp is not usually used in the diet. The Omega-9 is of no consequence. You need at least 3 grams a day of the Omega-6, so take 6 doses a day, see what happens. The IBS makes it almost impossible for me to eat right. He had nothing to offer but seeing a dietician. I get an annual checkup NIH sometime the end of June; they rarely are interested in these kind of supplements…but I have been feeling so tired and run down…I want back in the game!

Keep away from those statin medications as well, they cause havoc with muscles, brain function and your entire hormonal cascade vitD3 is, in fact a hormone. Thanks for being a Doc, and advicing against things like Statins. Some drugs are really horrible and unneccesary! Hemp oil is a very good oil, not so much for the ala, but the gla. Some Ala is good, but as the convertion rate are poor at best, I would say the gla in hemp oil are more beneficial to you, when it comes to balance the fatty acids.

Personally, I use a fishoil oliveoil mix, where the protection of the fat acids is being taken care of by polyphenols. Further, I sometimes take a bit of hempoil, — mixing it together with dark chocolate in my mouth — for the epicatetchin.

One supplement on top of this provides me with quite a lot of more polyphenols, some vitamines and minerals, and something called beta-clucans. My diet and exersice regime are not regular or ideally in any respect, but my health at my age of 47 seem to be good for my age.

Tests of cholestrol, triglycerids, fatty acid balance, confirms what I feel. I have strong faith that I will not be a very good customer of big pharma.

Best of luck and health! Pylori and Blastocystis Hominis. These are 2 very nasty bugs than can kill you amongst other things!! Can anyone present som hard-to-argue-with logics why there has to be a 2: For be that just sounds plain stupid. So far no one has ever provided evidence good enough for everyone to fall for this so called fact.

See there one version: There are many societies that have higher ratios then us and do just fine. The importance of Omega-3 is overstated, it is the adulteration of Omega-6 by processing it which is the true culprit. No matter how much want to deny Dr Jeff comments here because some guru or book said this and that I cannot find anything that can be disproved or even sound the least faulty.

There are so many studies about fatty acids and especially about ratios. There ARE big difference between 2: Those blood tests showed us where we are and where we should be. For example one research about how and when Om3 reach our cells.

There are as well interesting studies on Scandinavian football soccer team where all the team participate in Om3 consumption. But I am not the dosctor or scientist to judge those processes. I would be happy to get it mailed to me if possible! You can find these fats in a variety of sources, including spinach, mustard greens, wheat germ, walnuts, flaxseed and flaxseed oil , soybean and canola oil, and even pumpkin seeds.

But the very best source is fish. That is actually not true, fish have 20 and 22 carbon fatty acids mostly Omega-3 which are derivatives, soybean and canola are highly processed and adulterated and should never be eaten. The others are sources of 18 carbon Essential Fatty Acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 and other non-essential fatty acids. And, yet, just because rapeseed has to be processed does not, in an of itself, make canola oil just as awful as corn or safflower oil.

Nobody should be cooking with any vegetable oils, even olive oil: I think it ignores other aggravating circumstances, like excessive consumption of sugar, highly processed grains and wheat of any processing level , and even too much consumption of carbohydrates in general especially for the insulin resistant among us.

Read how Canola is processed and you will never touch it. There are also cold pressed canola or rapeseed oil. Now I confirmed it with one of the cold-pressed rapeseed producers, they use NO chemicals in the process.

I was given this article which I find very interesting. Then I met Dr. Matheson who represents http: You can view his website and information from the link above. What is your take on this? Hi Philip, it appears you are asking me to comment on myself, which, I admit, has never happened before. Your body will give you the right answer. I think the benefits from eating seafood or fishoil by far outweights the drawback of pollutants, but I believe one should look for good quality products with low numbers of such pollutants.

You do provide studies that indicate that the more n-3 we consume, the less n-6 fatty acids we have in our tissues but what about the inflammatory effect? How do you prove this assertion? I would appreciate if you take a look at the following paper. Does this paper change your mind? Can we say now that this whole omega-6 scare if just a myth? Been saying this for years, all this nonsense about Omega-6 being bad is ridiculous. It is the processing that kills it, not the Omega-6 itself.

Thank you for the article, I missed it in my readings somehow. Jeff, I followed your writings in this thread. Thanks for spreading the word. I was wondering about my avocado craving and sometimes binging! But somedays the avocados are small and my hunger big so then I eat two before I go.

And somedays I eat one in the afternoon as a snack. To sum up, there can be days when I eat four avocado. I read this topic and went through all the comments. There are already so many things you do and believe. So many of you using different products and different diet. Discuss about so many articles and different problems you have. You will learn your blood levels of omega-3 and your ratio of omega 6: Does the product or diet you are using, gives you the results you are looking for.

If I encourage you, Mr. Kresser, and all others who are looking for answers to accept this opportunity would you be willing to know how to make it? I did just that, — one dry blood test, and got answers. I was not too bad, because I am generally interested in what I put in my mouth, but my ratio was about 6: I have made second test, waiting for result.

Exiting to monitor the effects of what you eat, both food and supplements. Too little Omega-6 seems also to be a problem for me. I was getting none, or as little to that as possible. My oils came from fish, bovine, home rendered lard, and coconut oil. I supplemented for a while with Flax seed oil and then stopped, about seven months ago. My eczema adult onset, age 55 became rampant a little over three months ago. The skin from my elbows and knees down, fell off.

I was forced to return to chemicals but I used them sparingly for about ten days to get control. I would like to add that I mixed the cream 1-to-7 parts water. Shaking it thickened and I was able to apply very little cream extremely thinly. The rest of the container sits in the fridge for the next emergency. In early January I gave in and visited an MD.

Now, with the addition of Sunflower oil and the re-addition of some Flax and chia seeds, and flax oil, my skin is improving. I use it on my skin and I imbibe it raw. I homogenise everything together with water in my juicer.

I apply the oily mixture over every centimetre of my skin, and I also imbibe the same mix of supplements with my two daily paleo meals. The change has been spectacular; after almost four months of pain, this concoction has improved my skin considerably with noticeable improvements daily. I also bath twice a day, after each meal, and then pat dry and immediately apply my concoction. My meals are designed to be skin enhancing using every possible skin beneficiary. I suspect there is no one magic formula that works for all.

Stress is also a definite factor in my skin problem: Namaste and care, mhikl. Approximately 15 years ago, small fatty deposits, lipomas? The only way i could remove them was to take a pointed knife or object and dig them out. I did this for a few years but they always returned. As a confirmed type 2 diabetic, my right eye had developed slight retinopathy and my legs below my knees began to feel cold even in warm weather.

I struggle continually to maintain normal A1C and bg levels. A well known biochemist, whose name I cannot recall, recommended fish oil as a viable treatment for type 2 diabetics. He apparently, in co-ordination with medical personnel, successfully treated diabetic patients whose legs and feet were in various stages of necropsy and neuropathy.

I began a daily regiment of mg fish oil a day for about years and still use about mg a day. After a few years of fish oil, the fatty deposits completely disappeared; no more cold legs. My retinopathy has remained unchanged. There have been other beneficial results. Well, this hardly constitutes a scientific study, from a dietary and exercise view, fish oil is the only real change i have made in the past 15 years. At 70 years, I am often told I look Recently, during an ultrasound examination of my legs, checking for a blood clot which turned out to be a staph infection I was told my veins appeared to be in very good condition.

Fish oil to me appears to have remarkable medicinal value. Hello George, thank you so much for making the post about Fish oils as a possible lipoma cure. If you get a moment, could you let us know how many years before the fatty deposits resolved? George, when you took 2, mg of fish oil a day, was that the amount of fish oil in the capsules, or was it 2, mg of DHA and EPA. Hence, I wondered if the 2, mg you took was fish oil, or the omega 3 content.

Long may it continue. Here in the UK you would expect at least a combined mg per 1, capsule. A common one is mg per 1, capsule. His maintenance dose is 2. My concern with high doses is to stick to fish oils of a pharaceutical grade also NOT fish liver oils as these will have too much vitamin A.

This is why I wrote this to you. It does not have to be guess work as you are seeking to have your Eicosanoid hormone system in balance and you can get a blood test to see where you are with omega 3 levels also relative to omega 6 and then judge if you need to start with a higher dose, re-test and then go to the maintenance dose.

I had no idea about the maintenance dose of omega 3s. Since you are from the UK, you may also be familiar with the work of Dr. In addition to that, he speaks highly of polyphenols and beta-glucans.

His books about these subjects are fascinating. I am taking Nordic naturals Complete omega and also 2 pills of evening primrose oil. Do you think Im getting too much 6? I am trying to fix inflammation with my joints and my scalp. The evening primrose oil is great. Dr Jeff I meant to ask if Krill oil is in the same category as fish oil and should it be avoided?

Dear Dr Jeff Thank you for your comments. There are several different biochemical processes involved in your comments. Key processes are artificial trans fats, oxidised cholesterol, and omega 3 and 6. I would also add high sugar and high insulin. My reading agrees with the dangers of oxidised small dense LDL cholesterol which causes an immune response in arteries.

Oxidised cholesterol can be consumed but it is also more likely to happen with excess sugar in the body as this glycates or damages the protein outer shell making it more prone to oxidation. We need both those made by omega 6 and omega 3. But too much omega 6 relative to omega 3 leads to too many of the pro inflammatory ones. Just google Harvard Medical School Resolvins for the centre of excellence on this.

Many many drugs act on the Eicosanoid hormone system, it is well studied. Also conversion of short chained omega 3 plant derived is inefficient outside of the range of 6months old and child bearing age, hence breast milk is so rich in long chained omega 3.

The Eicosanoid production is also messed up by artificial trans fats and by high insulin sugar and carbohydrate intake. If the human studies also listed participants on drugs affecting the Eicosanoid system, including statins those overweight hence not balancing their insulin, and those eating artificial trans fats, then you would have great data to analyse.

The biochemistry however is clear. Learn to eat without spiking your insulin, avoid artificial trans fats then the fish oils will work properly, and there is a great by-product — weight control. If you believe his advice, just consume whole flax, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds. Eat some from fresh coconut and maybe a supplement a source of GLA or eat more oatmeal. Eating capsules of oil multiple times a day is a joke for nutritional medical advice, unless your making a profit on selling those capsules.

Yes, we do need omega 6 in a fresh version of it, but the fishoils too. Stick with Nordic Naturals as part of a nutritious, wholefood diet. There is overwhelming evidence that we need to consume marine-derived omega-3s. Plant sources of n3 e.

Stick with Nordic Naturals to supplement a nutritious, wholefood diet. You have a naive understanding of biochemistry, these are steady state reactions as most processes are so the rate of conversion means nothing.

The overwhelming majority of Omega-6 and Omega-3 stays in its natural 18 carbon state and is incorporated into cell membranes. Why would nature after millions of years make us deficient of fish oils? I agree with you. What we can see today is that the ratio between omega3 and 6 is very different from how it was just a couple of generations ago. It seems also pretty clear that plantbased omega3 does not do the trick. Because of the quality of the product and the rest of the diet.

I even read my own test-results, frequently monitoring how my inner life is doing. I really enjoyed your article. It is important to know that flaxseed is available in 2 spieces. One rich in omega-3 oil, and second one in omega-6 oil. This is very dangerous, leading to inflammation, heart disease and cancer.

Just adding more Omega-3 is NOT the answer, you need a lot more unprocessed Omega-6 in your diet to compensate for the processed crap that we are getting. On average, our body is We need a lot of fresh, unprocessed Omega-6 everyday, the Omega-3 is just not as important. I love the articles that tell you their product is rich in omega fatty acids. They know they fool the consumers.

Could you post the names of any research articles stating that the issue is nothing to do with the ratios, please?

I just saw this post so sorry for the late response. The easy way is to read the articles on http: He is very well researched and opinionated and he is correct about everything he says. Many thanks for your reply. After asking this question I clicked on your name and found your website. Hence the link with Omega 6 and 3 link. He posted a link to a clear money making scam.

I wish I was making money, but alas, not so. But if I can make 1 person healthier, it will all be worth it. What is your science background? Our physiology is totally different. The naysayers should prove their point, perhaps? I function and feel better, taking n3 PUFAs, thanks. No need to imagine. I think the polyphenols are very important as well.

We have taken a mean from several researches and made the following table:. The important thing is that we all need enough omega-3 fatty acids and we need to get them preferably from our diet and only supplement when needed. There are different claims about ratio in different countries or regions. Scandinavians going to 3: When I talk with some of scientists in this area they recommend to keep ratio under 3: These times has passed with no return.

About the results — the ratio in India, it is said to be much better in the countryside, but very bad in some cities. Some bad new habits with fast food in the cities, I would guess to blame. I, for one, want to know why. I was taught who, what, where, when and why. Having a better understanding is more convincing. As for knowing what is in the food sources it really depends on the soil. There is no definitive answer for numbers with depleted nutrient soil. Not to mention what they fish may have in them.

Something else interesting is the ratio of potassium vs sodium. Our diets are no where near the 4: Then we wonder why there are so many kidney and heart problems. Yes, the heart works off a sodium potassium pump.

Balance is important in many ways. Wrong oils, wrong salts…. I eat some greens cointaining potassium, — most frequently avocados.

I never measured how I am doing when it comes to that balance, — now you made me wanna do that.. I just saw a table that says 5. Is there a wide range of opinions on this?

Seems like it would be pretty easy to make an accurate scientific determination. Hi Douglas, the fatty acid content actually varies depending on where the oil was produced and in the case of Canola, the effects of genetic engineering, which further alter the ratios.

The sad fact is that it only causes lesions in rats. No human safety trials have ever been done, we are the experiment. If that is the case, then why is Jamieson selling Omega supplements? If I should simply be taking Omega 3 supplements instead? OK, Omega-6, 18 carbon, unadulterated source, called Linoleic Acid is involved in making PGE-1, the most potent anti-inflammatory in the body.

It is adulterated Omega-6 from cooking oil that causes the deposition of oxidized cholesterol in the intima of the arterial wall. We need a balance of 2. When you try a supplement with this, you will be surprised at the results. So you mentioned we do not need Om3 from fish oil. As I know fish oil 20, 22 carbon with Poliphenols are best known combination to bring Omega 3 to our cells and bring body in balance.

There are many studies about it and I know many good results of individuals who struggled before with skin problems, high blood pressure, lack of energy, migraine and allergies, asthma of youngest generations and children.

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