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The current crisis in Southern Africa highlights this issue. Implement renewable energy generation projects on agency property for agency use, when lifecycle cost effective. In Pasteur showed that lactic acid fermentation is caused by living organisms. Please note that this is highly atypical. The Sun There were some outstanding nominees on the list and any one of those people would have done a great job. Baseline Year is the month period used as a historic point of comparison. In fact, the majority of food consumed by human beings are seed-based foods.

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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Number of Residential Electronic Lift Systems. The Number of Residential Electronic Lift Systems is a count of all residential electronic lift systems at the property. A lift system is an assistive device that transfers residents between a bed and a chair, or other place, using hydraulic power. This count should include portable and permanent sling lifts, wheelchair lifts, and entry systems.

Total Number of Residential Living Units. The Total Number of Residential Living Units is a count of all individual residential living units or apartments, including both occupied and unoccupied units. There are three additional Property Use Details, which break this total into three different categories, according to building height.

For communities with apartment-type living units each apartment is considered a single unit. Do not count individual rooms within apartments or townhouses. Number of Residential Washing Machines. The Number of Residential Washing Machines is a count of all residential washing machines at the property. Residential Washing Machines are standard units that may be found in individual units or common laundry areas, such as coin-operated machines available for resident use.

This number will often be included in promotional and marketing materials. These events do not require the use of the entire venue and include weddings, banquets, conferences or meetings.

If the event spans multiple days, each day the event is held should be counted as a separate event. Note that this is a count of specialty events only and does not include sporting events or concert events, which are counted separately. Number of Sporting Events per Year is the total number of sporting events that occur each year.

Each event should be counted only once. The Number of Staffed Beds is the number of beds set up and staffed for use by inpatients. The Number of Surgical Operating Beds is a count of beds where surgical procedures not requiring an overnight hospital stay are performed. Many knee, shoulder, eye, and spine surgeries, and Colonoscopy services, fall within this scope.

The Number of Workers on Main Shift should reflect the total number of workers present during the primary shift. For example, if there are two daily eight hour shifts of workers each, the Number of Workers on Main Shift value is Nutrient removal is entered as either Yes or No. Nutrient removal is considered to be any process included for the purpose of removing nutrients i.

This may include biological nitrification, biological denitrification, phosphorus removal, or recirculating sand filters. You do not need to count empty cubicles for occupancy. We have the following minimum occupancy requirements: But, you may find it helpful to compare properties with different occupancy levels across your portfolio using custom reports. You enter Occupancy when you first create the property, and you can change it on the Details tab.

Today, you cannot track occupancy changes over time. Office refers to buildings used for the conduct of commercial or governmental business activities. This includes administrative and professional offices.

Onsite Laundry Facility is entered as either Yes or No. Sometimes these laundry facilities will launder not only linens associated with the property itself, but also laundry for other similar facilities e. But, the REC and the electricity kWh can actually be sold separately. That is, you may use all of the electricity in your building, but sell the RECs to someone else.

If you do this, then you can no longer claim you are using Green Power. To help you understand the energy generation and environmental benefit of your system we offer a number of key metrics: This total amount can be broken into two parts: This is not affected by any renewable energy that you exported. Energy use from these systems is "green" only if you retain the rights to the RECs. Open Parking Lot is a paved area that is lit and use for parking vehicles.

Open Parking Lots refer specifically to open areas, which may include small shading covers but do not include any full structures with roofs.

Parking lot size may include the area of parking spots, lanes, and driveways. Other refers to buildings that do not fall within the available property use categories in Portfolio Manager. Before selecting Other, it is highly recommended that you review the full list of property uses available for selection to ensure that there is not a suitable category for your property.

Other — Education refers to buildings used for religious, community, or other educational purposes not described in the available property uses in Portfolio Manager i.

Other-Mall refers to buildings containing a collection of stores whose purpose is the sale of goods, but which do not fit into the enclosed mall, lifestyle center, or strip mall property types. Other — Public Services refers to buildings used by public-sector organizations to provide public services other than those described in the available property uses in Portfolio Manager i. Other-Recreation refers to buildings primarily used for recreation that do not meet the definition of any other property use defined in Portfolio Manager.

Other - Services refers to buildings in which primarily services are offered, but which does not fit into the Personal Services or Repair Services property types. Examples include kennels, photo processing shops, etc. Other-Stadium refers to buildings primarily used for sporting events that do not meet the definition of any other property use defined in Portfolio Manager. This may include utility transfer stations or maintenance facilities.

Owned By is the designation for the primary ownership of your property. There are three options: Parking refers to buildings and lots used for parking vehicles. Parking structures may be free standing or physically connected to the property.

Individual private garages in Multifamily Housing are not considered Parking. Partially Enclosed Parking Garage is the total area of any parking structure that is not fully enclosed. This includes parking garages where each level is covered at the top, but the sides are partially or fully open — that is, structures that have partial walls or no walls at all. Percent Used for Cold Storage is the total percentage of your property that is enclosed, insulated storage space intended for the cooling or freezing of goods, merchandise, raw materials, or manufactured products in buildings or portions of buildings , at or less than 50 degrees F.

You enter this percentage to the single digit. Do not use rounding. Percent That Can Be Cooled is the total percentage of your property that can be cooled by mechanical equipment. This includes all types of cooling from central air to individual window units.

You enter this percent rounded to the nearest tenth. Use rounding when necessary. Percent That Can Be Heated is the total percentage of your property that can be heated by mechanical equipment. Performing Arts refers to buildings used for public or private artistic or musical performances.

The Year Ending Date is the last day of a month period called a Metric Year which a set of metrics are based on. A Metric Year starts on the first day of one month, and ends 12 months later on the last day of the last month ex: All Metrics in Portfolio Manager are calculated based on 12 full calendar months of data. When you share a property, you determine the specific information that is shared and the specific actions that can performed on the property.

There are four permission levels: For example, the person could view your energy usage but could not make corrections or add new energy bills. If you want someone to be able to "Share Forward" but have Read Only Access to your meters and other information, you can make this selection under Custom Access.

Full Access automatically comes with the ability to "Share Forward," which means the person with whom you share can also share that property with others. By default, all selections are set to Read Only. If you want someone to be able to add meter bill data, you must select Full Access for that meter.

If you want someone to be able to add new meters or delete meters, edit information about your meters, or change the associations for your meter , then you need to select "Full Access" for Property Information. After you set permissions for viewing and editing your data, you decide whether you want to give "Share Forward" rights, meaning the ability to share the property with others.

For example, if you select Read Only for every type of data Property, meters, and certification then the person can Share Forward, but can only grant Read Access, not Full Access, to your data. You will be able to specify specific permissions regarding whether the organization will be able to view or modify Property, Building, and Meter information.

You will also decide if you want to grant "Share Forward" rights, meaning the ability to share the property with others. Personal Services refers to buildings used to sell services rather than physical goods.

Examples include dry cleaners, salons, spas, etc. Plant Design Flow Rate is the capacity for which a water or wastewater treatment facility has been designed.

This meter is used to track the flow of water going through the plant. You can update the flow rate regularly using weekly, monthly, or quarterly entries to the Flow Rate Meter.

Police Station applies to buildings used for federal, state, or local police forces and their associated office space. The primary category that your business falls into. If more than two apply, pick the best one. The Property Data Administrator is the person who owns the account where the property was initially entered.

We didn't call this person the "Property Owner" to avoid confusion with the person who "owns" the lease or deed to the building. If you edit it, it deletes the previous value without saving a record of what it had been.

A Property ID is a unique identifier for your property that can be used by EPA, you, or other organizations to track and manage your property. There are four main types of IDs: Remember that a property can be a portion of a building, a single building, or a campus of buildings. These are IDs associated with local legislation, national campaigns, or other large benchmarking activities. To enter a standard ID you can select the ID name from our dropdown list and then enter the value. The property type indicates the single, primary use of your property.

However, there are two different property types: You select the type with which you most closely identify and you can change it at any time on the Details tab, under Basic Information. There are several metrics to show the Property Types in a single Property: Office that has the second largest GFA for that property.

Office that has the third largest GFA for that property. The footprint of the race track itself should also be included in the gross floor area, along with the footprint of any staging areas. For example, the person could view your energy consumption information but could not make corrections or add new energy bills. Refrigerated Warehouse refers to refrigerated buildings that are used to store perishable goods or merchandise under refrigeration at temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Repair Services refers to buildings in which some type of repair service is provided. Examples include vehicle service or repair shops, shoe repair, jewelry repair, locksmiths, etc. Eng or a Registered Architect. Residential Care Facilities refers to buildings that provide rehabilitative and restorative care to patients on a long-term or permanent basis.

Residential Care Facilities treat mental health issues, substance abuse, and rehabilitation for injury, illness, and disabilities. This property type is intended for facilities that offer long-term residential care to residents of all ages who may be in need of assistance with activities of daily living.

If a facility is designed to provide nursing and assistance to seniors only, then the Senior Care Community property type should be used. Open air stairwells, breezeways, and other similar areas that are not fully-enclosed should not be included in the gross floor area. The property is not inhabited by any dedicated population. Privately owned, off-campus housing -- not affiliated with a college or university -- that is primarily occupied by undergraduate or graduate students.

Off-base housing primarily occupied by persons serving in or employed by the military. Housing that is restricted to the elderly that also provides limited programs of assistance with domestic activities meals, housekeeping, activities, transportation, etc.

Typically, a unit in an Independent Living Community resembles a standard market unit, though the community may offer amenities or communal dining facilities not typical in multifamily apartment buildings. Residents living in the property are covered by the American Disabilities Act.

Restaurant refers to buildings used for preparation and sale of ready-to-eat food and beverages, but which do not fit in the fast food property type. Examples include fast casual, casual, and fine dining restaurants. Retail Store refers to individual stores used to conduct the retail sale of non-food consumer goods such as clothing, books, toys, sporting goods, office supplies, hardware, and electronics.

Buildings containing multiple stores should be classified as enclosed mall, lifestyle center, or strip mall. Eligible store configurations include: It consists of the same sections as the application, including an overview of the overall property, the property use details, and energy consumption. A Verifying Professional can sign and stamp it to verify the validity of the data, if needed. This report may be needed to for applying for a grant or responding to a competition.

It is only available for buildings which can get a score. This report would be useful to hang in a building lobby for public disclosure purposes.

Some localities may require it as part of local legislation. School District represents the administrative school district in which your property is located.

Seating Capacity is the maximum total seating capacity of the main worship area s in a Worship Facility. If there are multiple seating configurations, please identify the maximum number that the facility can hold.

This number should reflect permanent seating capacity as the facility is typically used. Note that if there is no seating at this type of worship facility, this number should reflect the number of worshipers than can be accommodated in the main worship area s. Self-Storage Facility refers to buildings that are used for private storage. Typically, a single Self Storage Facility will contain a variety of individual units that are rented out for the purpose of storing personal belongings.

Senior Care Community refers to buildings that house and provide care and assistance for elderly residents. You can use one property use to characterize all activities at the community, including any independent living that may be present. In this situation, the floor area of hallways and units for assisted living and any community areas specifically used to assist residents e.

In order to do this, you need to have "Share Forward" permissions. Single Family Home refers to a standalone building with its own lot that provides living space for one household or family. Single Store is entered as either Yes or No. Site Energy is the annual amount of all the energy your property consumes onsite, as reported on your utility bills.

Use Site Energy to understand how the energy use for an individual property has changed over time. It can helpful to use this weather normalized value to understand changes in energy when accounting for changes in weather. For a given month period, this metric reflects the Site Energy the property would be expected to have if its operations were the same as in the current time period. For example, if you are looking at the period ending December , this metric would tell you the amount of Site Energy you would have used in if your operating conditions weather, hours, occupants had been the same as they are for your current time period.

Much like looking at financial investments in the dollars for a specific year, this adjusted value will help you understand the change in energy when accounting for changes in operation. In this case, EPA recommends using Source Energy Use because it also includes losses that take place during generation, transmission, and distribution of the energy used at the building.

The size of Electronic Score Boards is a measure of the total area occupied by electronic signage used for scoring and related announcements, measured in square feet. This includes any electronic signage inside a venue concourse, as well as the jumbotron and other areas used to promote the event and its sponsors, and to make other announcements.

This may include community group meetings, seminars, workshops, or performances. Please note that there is another property use available, Convention Center, for large exhibition and conference facilities. Source Energy Use is the total amount of raw fuel that is required to operate your property. In addition to what the property consumes on-site, source energy includes losses that take place during generation, transmission, and distribution of the energy, thereby enabling a complete assessment of energy consumption resulting from building operations.

For this reason, Source EUI is the best way to quantify the energy performance of commercial buildings. Use it to understand the complete energy impact of your property, and to compare the energy performance of properties across your portfolio.

Stadium Closed refers to structures with a permanent or retractable roof which are used primarily for professional or collegiate sports and entertainment events. Examples of events held in closed stadiums include baseball and football games, and concerts. Closed Stadiums usually have capacities of 25, seats or more and are often characterized by multiple concourses and concession areas.

The footprint of the playing field should also be included in the gross floor area. Examples of events held in open stadiums include baseball, football, and soccer games, and concerts. Open Stadiums usually have capacities of 5, seats or more and are often characterized by multiple concourses and concession areas. Strip mall refers to buildings comprising more than one retail store, restaurant, or other business, in an open-air configuration where each establishment has an exterior entrance to the public and there are no internal walkways.

Student Seating Capacity is the maximum number of students for which a school was designed. This should include the seating capacity of the entire school. If portable classrooms have been added to your school, include the capacity of these classrooms, as they expand the overall capacity of your school. Buildings where the primary business is the onsite preparation and sale of ready-to-eat food should use one of the Restaurant property types.

Supplemental Heating is entered as either Yes or No. Surgery Center Floor Area is the total size of the surgery center within the medical office building. Swimming Pool refers to any heated swimming pools located either inside or outside. To enter a swimming pool, a specific pool size must be selected. In order to enter buildings associated with a Swimming Pool, the main property use must be entered e.

Target Values are the performance metrics associated with an established target goal for your property. Portfolio Manager has both a regular target and a target for the property design: This will enable you to compare your actual energy use with your target and track your progress.

This target can be expressed in one of three ways: This will enable you to compare your design energy use with your design target, and determine whether your planned design meets your design target goals.

The design target is expressed in one of two ways: Tertiary Care is entered as either Yes or No. Examples of tertiary care include: Test properties can be used to try out new features in Portfolio Manager without touching your real data, or to train others on how to use Portfolio Manager.

Third Party Certifications e. This field includes a list of any third part certifications that have been selected. Metrics in Portfolio Manager are calculated based on your energy data and Property Use Details hours of operation, number of computers, etc. For example, say you have computers for the first half of the year, but increased it to computers for the second half of the year. This includes train stations, bus stations, airports, and seaports.

Type of Laundry Facility indicates the type of laundry that is processed within an onsite laundry facility. You may select one of the following for types: If there are multiple systems operating at different levels of redundancy, choose the option that applies to the majority of the IT load.

The government agency or department that owns or leases the federal property. This is relevant for US and Canada. This designation is used to identify groups of buildings typically in the same geographic location. The regional or sub-departmental information associated with property that is owned or leased by the government.

This is relevant for the U. Vacancy refers to a portion of the building that is not in use. This is not a few empty cubicles but rather a suite or entire floor that is not leased or occupied. You can use Portfolio Views to see the metrics most important to you at a glance. Each View has 4 metrics: If you expand the carrot next to the parent property you will see the children properties.

Child properties will be sorted with their parent. A Veterinary Office refers to buildings used for the medical care and treatment of animals. Vocational School refers to buildings primarily designed to teach skilled trades to students, including trade and technical schools. Waste Material Type refers to one of 29 different types of materials bottles, trash, batteries, food scraps, etc that can be tracked individually.

Wastewater Treatment Plant refers to facilities designed to treat municipal wastewater. The level of treatment at a plant will vary based on the BOD limits and the specific processes involved. This property use is intended for primary, secondary, and advanced treatment facilities with or without nutrient removal. Treatment processes may include biological, chemical, and physical treatment. The water cost is the annual cost associated with a given month period. Water cost is available for each water type and also as an aggregated value across all water types.

EPA's Water Score for Multifamily Housing, to be released in October , is a measure of how efficiently your property is using water, compared to similar properties, when normalized for climate and operational characteristics. Within Portfolio Manager you can track four water sources: Weather-normalized metrics, which are automatically calculated in Portfolio Manager, are adjusted for the actual weather in your area.

For example, if your area has a hotter than usual summer, your metrics will be adjusted because you will have to use more energy in this situation. The weather station is the monitoring station that EPA assigns within Portfolio Manager to determine reference weather conditions at your property. Web services describes the application programming interface API used to exchange data with Portfolio Manager.

Organizations that exchange data use web services to regularly sync your data with Portfolio Manager and export your metrics out of Portfolio Manager. Weekday Operation is a count of the number of weekdays Monday through Friday that a Worship Facility is open. Because most Worship Facilities include weekend activities, this count reflects weekdays only, so the maximum number is 5 days.

The count should include all week days when the Worship Facility is open for religious services, choir practice, administrative use, committee meetings, classes, or other activities.

Weekend Operation is entered as either Yes or No. Weekend activity could include any time when the property is used for classes, performances, or other school or community activities. The Yes selection is appropriate for any property that is open on one or both days of the weekend during one or more season of the year. The Weekly Operating Hours is different depending on your property type: For example, if the majority of workers are in your building from 8: Merchandise may include food, clothing, office supplies, furniture, electronics, books, sporting goods, toys, and hardware.

Worship Facility refers to buildings that are used as places of worship. This includes churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, meetinghouses, or any other buildings that primarily function as a place of religious worship. This is the year in which your property was constructed. If your property has undergone a complete renovation that included gutting and rebuilding the interior, then you can indicate the date of this renovation as the year built. If you don't know the exact year the property was built, enter an estimate.

Zoo refers to buildings used primarily to provide habitat to live animals and which may include public or private viewing and educational programs. These IDs are associated with local legislation, national campaigns, or other large benchmarking activities. These are open fields with no formatting, so please be careful when entering. CoStar is a resource for verified commercial real estate information, including space for lease, property for sale, property and market analytics, and quarterly market reports.

When there are multiple buildings on a site, this is the unique site identifier plus a letter code for each building. AMP IDs are 11 characters long, comprised of 2 letters denoting the state, 3 numbers denoting the organization, and 6 numbers denoting the property. Municipal Code of Orlando, Chapter It corresponds with the CBL number listed on property tax bills. Louis to identify all municipal, institutional, commercial, and multifamily buildings that are required to report annual energy and water usage, as prescribed by St.

This identifier provides the link between CTS and building data entered into Portfolio Manager and must be unique across the top-tier U. All of the 29 Waste Material Types can be Disposed. The indoor ice rink surface area is the total area covered by ice of all the ice rinks used for indoor hockey, ringette, public or figure skating and can be estimated by multiplying the length of the ice surface with the width of the ice surface and adding together the calculated area for each ice rink in the facility.

This surface area does not include curling sheets. Number of indoor ice rinks used for indoor hockey, ringette, public or figure skating. This does not include curling sheets. Number of months per year when the main indoor ice rink s used for indoor hockey, ringette, public or figure skating is present. Total number of floods in a week using ice resurfacing machines after typical ice rink use for all indoor hockey, ringette, public or figure skating ice rinks in the facility.

This does not include curling sheet resurfacing or pebbling. For multiple rinks, sum the total number of weekly resurfacing for all rinks. Number of ice sheets specifically for the purpose of the game of curling. Number of spectator seats used specifically for watching hockey, ringette, public or figure skating, including spectator benches and seating but excluding viewing areas and standing room.

Skip to Page Content: Gross Floor Area should include all space within the building s , including classrooms, administrative space, conference rooms, kitchens used by staff, lobbies, cafeterias, auditoriums, stairways, atriums, elevator shafts, and storage areas. Click here for additional information. Individual monthly meter entry is more than 65 days long - If any of your individual monthly meter entries is over 65 days, then you will not be able to get Weather Normalized Metrics.

Meter has overlaps - An overlap is where the same date is covered by multiple bills. Meter has gaps - A gap is where a date s is NOT covered by your bills. Meter has less than 12 full calendar months of data - 12 full months of calendar data is required for all metrics.

Gross Floor Area should include all space within the building s including offices, operating and recovery rooms, waiting rooms, employee break rooms and kitchens, elevator shafts, stairways, mechanical rooms, and storage areas. Areas not in enclosed buildings, such as outdoor habitats, open-air theaters, walkways, and landscaped areas should not be included in the Gross Floor Area.

Gross Floor Area should include all space within the building s , including sales floors, offices, conference rooms, vehicle service centers, parts storage areas, waiting rooms, staff break rooms, hallways, and stairwells. Gross Floor Area should not include any exterior spaces such as vehicle parking areas. Water Treatment and Distribution Plants - This daily flow rate includes all sources of water through the plant, including ground water, surface water, and purchased water.

This value is provided via a Plant Flow Rate Meter , through which you can update flow rates regularly quarterly, monthly, daily, etc. Wastewater Treatment Plant - This value is the average daily flow of wastewater into the plant. It is provided via a Plant Flow Rate Meter , through which you can update flow rates regularly quarterly, monthly, daily, etc. Avoided Emissions - Avoided emissions are the emissions benefits associated with green power use. Avoided emissions may be either onsite or offsite.

Offsite Avoided Emissions occur when you purchase green power from your utility or an independent supplier and you own the claims to the RECs. Please note that you do not subtract the Onsite Avoided Emissions to get this net value, because they have already been counted as zero emissions in your starting inventory.

Gross Floor Area should include all space within the building s , including banking areas, vaults, lobbies, atriums, kitchens used by staff, conference rooms, storage areas, stairways, and elevator shafts. Properties whose primary business revenues are generated from the sale of food should be entered using one of the Restaurant property uses, even if there is a bar.

This FAQ provides some examples about what constitutes a campus. If your Casino is located in the same building as a hotel, we recommend that you enter a separate hotel property use. Gross Floor Area should include all space within the building s , including classrooms, laboratories, offices, cafeterias, maintenance facilities, arts facilities, athletic facilities, residential areas, storage rooms, restrooms, elevator shafts, and stairways.

Composed refers to organic waste materials most commonly food scraps and yard debris that are decomposed and ultimately, transformed into soil-like fertilizer. Both onsite composting and offsite composting where someone picks up your compost and takes it to a commercial composting site are counted.

Yes — Indicates that there is a Computer Lab, which refers to a room or set of rooms specifically designed and equipped with at least 10 computers and associated peripherals, such as printers, for the use of the occupants.

No — Indicates that the property does not contain a Computer Lab. Owner Contact is the person who represents the property owner. Architect of Record is the organization who designed the property. Project Architect is the person who was the main point of contact from the architect firm.

Application Primary Contact is the person we will correspond with if there are any issues with the application. Property Manager is an outside organization that you have hired to manage your facility operations. Primary Contact is the main point of contact for the property. Allianz Chief Economic Adviser: Weekly Roundup of Latest Updates News 0.

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