10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know!

2. Free health screenings

I once used their ink refill service. And the godo thing is, if something does go bad, it is contained. Add or remove a person Selectively colorize a photo Remove weight, tattoos or blemishes Recreate photos any way you like Ideal for the perfect holiday card Perfect for memorial services. I have the executive membership. How to Meal Plan with Coupons. Low grocery prices Photo by Alastair Wallace Certain grocery items can save you money!

1. Medical insurance

But if you want to irritate your neighbors and co-workers, by all means keep on telling them how much better NY is. I love Costco, but sometimes their packaging irritates me, as a single. I had to quit my executive membership when they raised the price, since I usually only get a refund of about thirty bucks.

Their pepperoni pizza might be the best deal in town? Yes, sometimes the bulk packaging is a bit hard to navigate as a single or even two-person household. Those of us here with person families try to stick to nonperishables and freezer-friendly items. And you never know when you just may need to purchase a big ticket item making it worth purchasing the Executive Membership!!

You could clean your entire house made of windows for free! Did some hillary supporting libtard purchasing agent there at CostCo find out the bottler donated to the RNC? Summer condiments ; ketchup, relish and mustard in one pack. Large jars of Kirkland mayonnaise. Kirkland butter in 3 pound packages that freeze well. The best; Kirkland Kettle Chips in the 2 pound bag. Highly addictive just from the bag with no dip needed. I pay for my Costco membership in a couple of months by purchasing gas for my car there.

Every other thing I save on is just gravy. Costco is the place to go for Pecan Pie during the winter holidays. I had my first birthday cake from Costco this year and everyone loved it.. One thing I am disappointed about is.. I used to love those. I held a reception at my home after a funeral recently and the Costco apple pie was the first thing to disappear from the buffet table and sent many compliments my way. Eat dessert first if your grief-stricken? Rented a car in Pearson Int. Hope you had great service!!

Also, make sure to become either an Enterprise Plus member, or an Alamo Insiders member free for both but a fantastic way to get a discount with your rentals may not always apply for the first rental, no guarantee…but should for all others after that!! Advance booking is indeed better, too. Keep up the good work and advice. Awww, thanks so much for the nice reply!! I like to treat customers as I would like to be treated myself ;-.

Unfortunately, that is one thing that we cannot delete, or give a discount on. The drop fee is due to what we end up incurring to now have that vehicle located at another location, and to get it back etc. Some agents do not explain that to the customer.

The drop fee can widely vary in price from a few dollars to a few hundred, completely depends on where you pick up and where you want to drop it off.

The only time I have ever seen it not appear on a one way rental is when you are picking up at an airport location, and dropping off at another airport location not always, but usually does not charge the drop fee. Also, if you work for a large corporation or Co. Then you just give that number to us when you book the rental, or call to inquire about rates: Thanks for being a valued customer of ours, as you keep me in a job!! To hell with Geico and Progressive. And, forget high costs for Farmers or AAA.

Go to Costco for Ameriprise Auto Insurance. You will regret not to have signed up earlier. No questions asked returns, on anything, at any time. They do always ask me, though, lol. Must be human curiosity! That said, they do not often accept refunds for food or alcohol sales they have to throw it away, so they definitely push back on these.

Cheating customers before a sale is illegal in the uk and i wish it was here in Canada to but its not so luck is on your side. But virtually everything else can be had at Costco for at least a small discount to most other places.

Refilled Printer cartridges are as good as new and much cheaper than the new! See, we got married at early ages, have stayed in that bliss now for 58 loving years — damn the cost!!!! Love you all ye good friends. Costco also gives you a one time replacement for free, should you lose the pair. He took advantage of this benefit this past summer when he forgot to remove them before going into the ocean: The article misses some important points. They have group pricing that works on any car, even used ones.

You can also get big-ticket items like flooring, countertops, custom window treatments, etc. Costco also offers home mortgages through an associate with a low service-fee guaranteed upfront. I found at the lanham md costco, led light bulbs, indoor 65w for 2. Asked to get my BP taken, was taken to a room with a bogus machine and told to take my BP myself. I have the executive membership. I do take advantage of certain discounts, such as my car insurance.

However, the car buying program is really nothing. Most people can negotiate a better price without the Costco price. And, dealers will not stack the Costco price on top of negotiated price, which would lower the price even more. It is either 1 or the other. So, again, you are better off negotiating with the dealer and scrapping the Costco price. Also, when looking for car rentals, I do check with Costco ahead of time. However, I can always, and I mean always find a better rate going directly to Hertz.

Enterprise is close, but if you are going one way, as I many times do, they charge a drop off fee. They never waive this fee nor negotiate the cost. It is set and not touchable. So, in that case I would use Costco.

I work for the company, so I do this everyday for customers. I once used their ink refill service. It was a disaster, they must have drilled the holes in the wrong places on the color cartridge, causing the magenta and cyan to mix. Case lots are available and often cheaper at Walmart. Product lines are continually changed at COSTCO based upon corporate profit and not on member expectations or reliability.

Utility shelves are of changed dimensions that no longer match shelves previously sold by COSTCO as well they are of inferior quality to utility shelves previously carried.

Costco liquor focuses on California wines and avoids Canadian wines — again corporate profits and after volume rebates going to COSTCO not the members. They also offer a pet prescription discount program at the pharmacy!

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