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Suspects in Investigation of Radical Environmentalists

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We noticed that she did not mention that in her argument. Rodgers, and other persons did conspire and agreed to destroy by arson buildings, vehicles and property. Redirected from Anthony Sullivan Pitchman. You have to wonder what Chelsea's parents thought about sending her to an Earth First! This hopefully provided a firm message that we will not tolerate the destruction of our Island. While he has not gone over board, He bought a DeLorean which is a recreation of the car from the hit movie Back to the Future. Over time, people who downed more of the protein-packed stuff lost pounds without trying.

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It was at this retreat where she began a sexual relationship with William Rodgers who was 10 years her senior when she joined the Earth Liberation Front at age It was here where she was introduced to the world of the sabotage in the name of protecting the environment also known as "Monkey Wrenching". Rodgers later committed suicide in jail in after investigators persuaded one of its members to become an informant.

Gerlach and nine others were facing sentences for their parts in the fires, which include forest ranger stations, meat packing plants, wild horse corrals, lumber mill offices, research facilities and an SUV dealer. At first, prosecutors want a federal judge to declare them terrorists. This was something defense attorneys argued never happened in the other 1, arsons nationwide claimed by Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front.

They continued to argue that adding this terrorist label was more about politics than prison time. Judge Ann Aiken will hear arguments on 15 May in U. District Court in Eugene on a motion by the government to add terrorism enhancement to sentencing guidelines for the six men and four women who have already admitted to their role and pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and arson.

These charges carry sentences ranging from three to 16 years. A ruling that adds the label of "terrorists" is will probably not add to the time they spend behind bars, but it could send them to tougher prisons. That's why this case is so very different. Prosecutors argue that although the defendants were never convicted of terrorism, they qualify for the label because at least one of the fires each of them set was intended to retaliate against government policy.

Forest Service plan to cut down trees burned by the Warner Creek fire. Activists wanted the trees left standing. By , even though members of the "The Family" had gone dormant, at least temporarily, out of fear of getting caught, their sympathies had not changed. Gerlach bought numerous firearms at a Las Vegas gun show in that she cached and Daniel McGowan mailed out copies of a manual William Rodgers wrote on building detonators to underground distributors. The Defense filed papers countering that none of the fires killed or injured anyone.

They claimed that the terrorism enhancement is nothing more than an avenue for the government to claim a victory in its war on terror. Attorney for Stanislas G. Meyerhoff, Terri Wood said, "The Government has Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' political agenda to advance with this case, and nothing else to lose if the Court declines to impose the enhancement.

Attorney Terri Wood also said that by branding the defendants with Terrorism Enhancement will officially label them as "Terrorists" and from the Bureau of Prisons perspective, this will likely result in high security designations that will drastically increase the risk of physical and sexual assault against cooperating defendants like Mr.

Meyerhoff enrolled in college in Virginia. McGowan worked for a women's advocacy law firm in New York City. After years of investigation that seemed stalled most of the time, investigators found one of "The Family" willing to wear a wire.

Jake Ferguson, with a pentagram tattoo on his head, searched out other Family members. The recordings provided investigators the evidence that they needed. After being arrested, McGowan told investigators he threw cream pies at the president of the Sierra Club, uprooted genetically modified corn, and how he helped plan the World Trade Organization riots in Seattle before joining "The Family" , in He admitted to his involvement in secret meetings and the setting fires at a lumber mill office and a tree farm.

Apparently his family did not know anything about his terrorist actions. His confession came as a total surprise to his sister, Lisa McGowan. It's not the same thing. But the fact remains that it is Arson The exceptions are within the elitist Left-Wing thought process that does not see the law as being applicable to them.

The truth is these are acts of Terrorism. The fact that no one was injured or killed was just a matter of luck. Firefighters are killed every year trying to put out fires. Take note how these arsonists never gave the people in this profession any thought or concern at all. These people "Firebombed" these buildings! It was pure luck that no one was hurt. And if someone had been injured, what would they have done? The fact is that they would have done nothing.

And in the tradition of Timothy McVeigh, they would have considered any loss of life to be nothing more than collateral damage. And had it been the owner of the property, they would have considered it to be deserved for having an opposing viewpoint. On 21 May , U. District Judge Ann Aiken issued a ruling from the bench that these people are indeed terrorists as we have said from the beginning.

The string of 20 arsons in five Western states by a cell of the Earth Liberation Front ELF and Animal Liberation Front ALF are terrorist acts and thereby qualify the defendants for longer sentences and tougher prisons under federal guidelines.

At this point, all of the attorneys banded together and continued to try and justify their actions as though their clients had not harmed anyone. They are trying to challenge that assertion by arguing that by specific targeting of infrastructure, they avoided injury or violence to people, and therefore should not be terrorists.

All of that education and they still flat out refuse to understand how and why these people are Terrorists. The University of Washington firebombing took place early on May 21, This act of terrorism was committed because they incorrectly assumed that Professor Toby Bradshaw was making transgenic poplars.

The arsonists removed all the animals from the building and set a fire in Professor Bradshaw's office. The fire quickly spread to adjacent labs doing research on conservation and wetlands biology.

One of these labs included the lab of Sara Reichard, who had Showy Stickseed Plants which she and her students had painstakingly cultivated. These plants are so rare that Sara Reichard's collection represented one-third of the total world population. The Showy Stickseed Plants are so rare that one-third of the total world population was destroyed in the fire.

Never forget they destroyed one-third of the world's population of a rare plant species. These are the same people that will complain about cutting down a single tree from what is classified as "Old Growth" timber or building near the habitat of the Spotted Owl. This is what is left of the poplar tree nursery in Clatskanie, OR, in May These are several examples of the handiwork of ELF activists.

If it is morally right for "Animal Rights Activists" to attack and destroy property in the name of animal rights, the environment, global warming, etc This hopefully provided a firm message that we will not tolerate the destruction of our Island.

Recently, hundreds of houses have been built over much of Mount Sinai's picturesque landscape and developers now plan to build a further luxury houses over the farms and forests adjacent to Island Estates.

This action was done in solidarity with Josh Harper, Craig Rosebraugh , Jeffrey "Free" Luers , Craig "Critter" Marshall , Andrew Stepanian , Jeremy Parkin, and the countless other known and unknown activists who suffer persecution, interrogation, police brutality, crappy jail conditions, yet stand strong. If you don't think that these people are a danger, just look at their résumé.

Founded in Brighton, England, by Earth First! Published in Earth First! Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front publish communiqué declaring their solidarity of action. Forest Service pickup is torched on the parking lot of the Detroit Ranger District headquarters.

The saboteurs tag the building with "Earth Liberation Front" and other graffiti. A plastic jug rigged as an incendiary device is later found on the roof. It did not go off. Bureau of Land Management horse barn, chutes, pens and equipment. Four hundred horses are released, but they are later recaptured. Department of Agriculture wildlife stations, miles apart, go up in flames on the same morning. Failed incendiaries are found next to a pickup truck and a building.

The Earth Liberation Front later claims it torched the resort because of proposed expansion into the declining habitat of lynx. An estimated are run over on roads, starve, drown in a swimming pool or disappear. Forest Industries' corporate headquarters in Medford, Oregon. ELF claimed responsibility in a communiqué. An Earth Liberation Front communiqué issued weeks later by the Liberation Collective in Portland, Oregon says the strike was payback to a company it accused of razing forests and killing wild animals for profit.

A garage door is tagged with graffiti 18 inches high: The Earth Liberation Front later issues a communiqué saying it doused an office with gasoline and set it ablaze because the university financed development of genetically modified crops to force developing nations in Asia, Latin America and Africa to switch from natural crop plants to genetically engineered sweet potatoes, corn, bananas and pineapples.

On to the next GE target! Investigators find a cryptic message spray-painted in black on a sign near the house: This is the drinking water supply for the town of Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding area. It is already being jeopardized by existing development and roads. April 30, Bloomington, IN At least six pieces of logging and heavy construction equipment are sabotaged and a trailer full of wood chips is set ablaze at a road construction site just outside the city.

A communiqué from the Earth Liberation Front states its plan was to punish those developing wooded areas around Bloomington, which "have turned what was once forested land into parking lots, luxury houses for rich scum and expanded roads. July 20, Rhinelander, WI Vandals hack down thousands of experimental trees, mostly poplars, and spray-paint vehicles at a U.

Forest Service research station. The Earth Liberation Front claims the attack was against bioengineering, although researchers say the trees were bred naturally to grow faster and resist diseases. Investigators say a flammable liquid was poured on the building and ignited. The arson was a reminder, according to the Earth Liberation Front communiqué, that it would not sit quietly as politicians pushed for plans to extend an interstate highway.

The Earth Liberation Front later sends a note, made of letters clipped from magazines, to the Boulder Weekly newspaper: The Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility, saying the homes were "future dens of the wealthy elite".

The group, announcing "an unbounded war on urban sprawl" , claims it checked for occupants - human and animal - in 16 condos before setting incendiaries in them. The arson is the third holiday conflagration of an Oregon timber firm in as many years.

It summons investigators from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Eat baked and boiled tubers skin-on to get more fiber for just calories a pop. A study from Saint Louis University found that folks who ate eggs for breakfast consumed fewer calories throughout the day than those who had a bagel.

Adding vegetables to a scramble boosts its volume and fiber content for few extra calories an egg has 78, and a cup of spinach just 7. The 20 Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast. Broth-based bean soups, in particular, contain a hefty dose of fiber and resistant starch—a good carb that slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream—to make that full feeling really stick.

All this for a measly calories per cup. Resist the cracker pack on the side in favor of a bigger soup helping. Beans are starchy, satisfying and caloric enough on their own, Rolls says. Throw lentils, black-eyed peas or kidney or navy beans into a vinegar-based salad.

Harvard researchers examined the eating habits of , people for 20 years and found that yogurt was the single best food for shedding pounds: Over time, people who downed more of the protein-packed stuff lost pounds without trying. Meanwhile, a Nestlé Nutrition Institute study review found that consuming dairy proteins increases satiety, reduces food intake and keeps blood sugar steady.

Top yogurt with fibrous foods like raspberries 4 grams of fiber per half cup or a cereal such as Kashi Go Lean Crisp Cinnamon Crumble 9 grams per three quarters of a cup. Apples are one of the few fruits that contain pectin, which naturally slows digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness, according to a study in Gastroenterology.

In fact, people who ate an apple as part of a meal felt more satiated and ate less than those who consumed a calorically equivalent amount of juice and applesauce. That means you can eat lots of this low-energy-density, high-satiety fruit and avoid feeling deprived while losing weight, adds Roberts.

Add apple chunks to oatmeal or salad, or slices to a turkey-on-whole-wheat sandwich. While he has not gone over board, He bought a DeLorean which is a recreation of the car from the hit movie Back to the Future. Many fans have wondered why Donny was always seen wearing purple socks. People came up with multiple theories for the socks and some said that it was his lucky charm. She gave each of her children different color socks to wear so everyone could tell which brother it was.

Maybe that is why Marie is concerned with how she is lit in interviews today! Could you imagine getting advice from the great Lucille Ball? Donny was a religious person and did not want to violate his beliefs. Because of this, Donny stayed away from the world of illegal substances.

Good for you Donny! Donny was dating a girl named Tammy and his brother a girl named Debbie in The pair went to an Elton John concert one day, and Donny looked at Debbie and knew he would marry her. He stole her from his brother and the two ended up married. Marie Osmond was not looking very fit when she realized that she needed to take off a few pounds — both for health reasons as well as for her career.

So she started on the nutrisystem diet, lost dozens of pounds, and became their spokesperson. Oddly enough, she started nutrisystem around the same time as joining a running club as well as working out six hours a day. Interestingly, it turns out that the second born son was the first one to get married and have kids. The first born son only did so later.

Additionally, Donald Jr is over two decades older than the youngest son Joshua. Deborah and Donny Osmond have five children together, all sons. Marie Osmond fell into a deep depression after the birth of her first child Brandon.

She at first thought that it was your standard case of the baby blues, something which occurs due to the hormonal imbalance from having a child. But it turns out that this bout lasted a really long time, signaling that she had postpartum depression.

Marie now talks about it a lot, unafraid to share her story with other women going through the same thing. When the Osmond family first went out to Los Angeles in order to score a record deal, the producer they were supposed to meet with was too busy to see the family.

So, the father decided to take the family to Disneyland. The children saw the Dapper Dan barbershop quartet and spontaneously began to sing with them. The head of guest relations at the park was so impressed that he asked the kids to perform on Disney After Dark that night. By the time rolled around, the family was not doing especially well financially. With two album flops, the family decided to build a TV set close to their house in Utah and got going on filming the Donny and Marie show.

The show was pulled after only a couple of seasons, and sadly, no other networks would pick them up. However, instead of declaring bankruptcy, the family just worked harder and pulled themselves out of debt. Have you ever received an Osmond Band Disk before as a gift? Was it within the past 15 years or so?

If this is the case then you might want to check and see when the disk itself was made. How do we know? The Osmonds only decided to sell their music on new fangled CDs in Too bad MP3s were already a thing by then. Marie Osmond became famous at a very young age and recalls the immense pressure she felt to remain thin. The producers of their television show went so far as to threaten to cancel the entire show if Marie could not lose weight. Even more surprisingly, Marie was only around pounds but monitored everything she ate to lose weight.

Alan Osmond had a religious epiphany one day and decided that he would go on a Mormon missionary trip. However, after making the decision, he did not feel that it was right, so he fasted and he prayed on it. He decided in the end not to go on the tip, but instead decided to become a soldier and go fight in Vietnam.

However, his parents got him an interview with a Colonel, so Osmond worked with him on a base near home. Alan was not going to be sent off to fight in the war, but still, everyone goes through basic training.

Boot camp was a breeze for him as his years in show business enabled him to have a strict sense of discipline. Additionally, show business helped him get through sleep deprivation, and even helped him be an bayonet expert due to choreography lessons.

He was also the shooter in his unit. David Osmond discovered that he had multiple sclerosis when he was 26 years old. However, he was still able to get engaged, and after a giant shot of hormones, walked down the aisle to marry her.

David is no longer wheelchair bound, although he still does feel immense pain. The drummer for the Osmond family band, Jay Osmond, wrote an autobiography which he titled Stages. Jay takes the reader through the various difficulties and challenges the family had to go through as a part of life on the road in the s. He also talks about the various collaborations the band had with people such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Interestingly, Jay decided to have the book read like a play. Another musically talented family in the s who travelled around was the Jackson Five from Gary, Indiana. It turns out that the Osmonds and the Jacksons would coordinate their shows so that they could be in the same place at the same time. Additionally, the two families would have pick up football games against each other, most notably when the two were in Toronto. It must have been great for the children to be able to relate to kids going through the same stresses.

The Osmond Clan has grown exponentially over the decades and generations. The starters of the family, Olive and George Osmond, started out with nine children. Today, the family numbers over 55 grandchildren and 70 great grandchildren, equalling over descendants in all. Incredibly while many of the clan went on to be doctors and lawyers, many others chose to remain in music.

The family notes that no one was pressured to stay in the industry.

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