2017 Nutrition Facts Label: Here’s What’s Changing (It’s A Lot!)

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And here are a few of the Nutrition Facts label PowerPoint shows, updated just this minute with the new label information Manufacturers have two to three years to comply with the new labeling requirements. The size of servings are increased or decreased to reflect what people actually eat rather than what they should eat. If so, the amount of sugar in excess of the expected amount must be reflected as added sugar on product labeling. And, as a member-exclusive, don't miss the brand-new handout that clarifies these changes.

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FDA Issues Draft Guidance on New Nutrition Facts Label

Consumer groups are already slamming the Nutrition Facts delay as an attack on public health. But there may be another wrinkle here: The debate over the Nutrition Facts deadline has exposed some interesting schisms in industry.

Brad Figel, vice president of public affairs for Mars in North America, said the company had been devoting employees and resources to the new labels since they were finalized in Many other large food companies have also begun designing and printing the labels, anticipating a deadline.

Mars executives are concerned that the existence of two labels in the market will confuse consumers. That just ends up confusing consumers.

That scenario is already beginning to play out in restaurants and grocery stores, where companies who scrambled to get calorie counts on their menus suddenly found themselves, as of late April, competing with chains who had done no such thing. California Pizza Kitchen has, for instance, already printed menus with nutritional information listed next to the price, according to Politico. At Pizza Hut, a competitor, calories are only labeled in a select number of stores. But in its updated guidance to industry, the agency appeared to side with food industry groups that argued implementation by July was impossible.

While reducing things like added sugars may sound simple, it actually requires a time-consuming and complex science. The FDA has been working to update the tag, which is put on almost all packaged foods, for more than two years.

Food labels to get first makeover in 20 years with new emphasis on calories, sugar ]. At age 1, we eat fries and brownies — but few veggies. Cornell study finds some people may be genetically programmed to be vegetarians. Brain-zapping gadgets promise to make you a better you — smarter, stronger, even happier. Sparking fears of a zombie apocalypse: Controversial study aims to 'reanimate' the brain dead.

Turn on desktop notifications? Share on Google Plus. By Ariana Eunjung Cha. Food and Drug Administration. The United States government once considered butter and margarine as one of seven food groups to consume daily. Look back at other advice that, sadly, is no longer a part of the USDA's dietary guidelines.

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Why Change the Nutrient Facts Label?