3 Essential ACL Injury Prevention Exercises for Female Athletes

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Please renew your subscription now to continue receiving online access. The value and importance of sport science varies greatly between elite clubs and federations. Among the different components of effective sport science support, the three most important elements are likely the following:.

Volume 6 Targeted Topic - Straight Science view all articles in this issue. Want to see my report, coach? Among the different components of effective sport science support, the three most important steps are likely the following: Having an appropriate understanding and analysis of the data; i.

The first consideration is the choice of the best variables, i. Over the last decade or so, however, great strides have been made in understanding and reporting the effects we have on our athletes and more valid and relevant approaches exist which are much easier to clinically interpret 2. The modern practitioner working oblivious to these useful variables and analytical approaches could be considered incompetent, in my opinion, whereas a practitioner aware of these approaches but clinging to the past borders on disingenuous.

Effectiveness in this step depends likely more on artistic skills and a creative mind than proper scientific knowledge and this is often overlooked in sport sciences programme. Day-to-day trials and errors are likely key in the search of the optimal data visualisation strategies. Having appropriate communication skills and personal attitude to efficiently deliver these data and reports to coaches and athletes.

This step is without doubt the most important of the process; there is however no training offered at universities for this. Nothing replaces experience, high personal standards and humility at this stage, which is generally developed over time. The following sections will detail each of these three components. Not appropriate to answer the types of questions that arise from the field: Not appropriate to assess individuals, which is the core of elite athlete monitoring.

In fact, conventional statistics allow analysis of population-based responses only Table 1 4. MBI is based on two simple concepts: If yes, how many times greater? The most appropriate method to define it is however variable-dependent, which forces researchers to adopt a conscious process when analysing their data. Hopkins, personal communication 4. Recommendations to calculate the SWC are provided in Table 2.

These percentage chances and associated qualitative interpretations are generally set a priori e. Final decisions can then be translated into plain language when chatting with coaches: The magnitude of improvement should be enough for him to win a few more balls during matches.

All text written horizontally for readability Figure 3b. Labels added to graphs so that exact values can be seen too graph for patterns, numbers for details, if required Figure 3b.

Meaningful changes or differences highlighted to be seen at a glance Figure 2 — with different possible levels of data analysis. Including error bars where possible to acknowledge uncertainty typical error of the measurement and confidence intervals for individual and average values, respectively Figure 2 and 3. Using advanced visualisation tools such as Tableau or Microsoft BI. Format of the message should match with coach and athlete expectations, preferences and habits which is linked to the search of the best delivery path, see below: Visual vs verbal information.

Paper vs digital reports.

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